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Let me start by saying, I am not upset or angry with them nor do I hold any ill feelings. I am merely stating my experience with them. DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM JD BYRIDER!!! They play on one's desperation. I've never been one of those ppl who "listen" to reviews, because I always thought that they existed mainly because someone was mad, upset or just wanted to slander someone's business. Boy did I learn the hard way!!!! These ppl are going to tell... Read more

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Went to J.D.Byrider on Friday 8-26-16 seen lot's of new faces needed service done to my car talked to Drew the service manager he picked up where Justin left off they are still there to help help the customer if I give them 20 --30 stars instead of 5 they are great in my eyes thanks guys keep up the great work great work and special thanks to the store manager Dave

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Come see the all new JD Byrider in Saginaw, MI!!! New Owners, New Location: 6011 Bay Rd. with an extremely professional, eager and committed staff to serve you!!! (989)401-8899 Better Cars, Affordable Payments, and Better Car Care. Each Vehicle comes with a 24 month, 24,000 mile warranty for the engine,transmission and drivetrain that will even cover the Starter, Alternator, and Battery!!! Come see our Credit Advancement Specialists that report... Read more

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I bought through j.d byrider in dec 2012 well i traded it in last year and bought me a newer car with a better interest rate a better over all. Well i recently look at my credit and notice they had run my credit in jan 2015. I hadnt traded in my car yet. When i called to inquire bout this they say this is normal practice if u make a late payment of six days well i was 3 days late. I believe they run ur credit to run ur credit in the dirt so u... Read more

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First off jd byrider cust are the dumbest I have ever seen in my life. They don't take care of there car. They think doing the oil change is the only thing that needs to be done to there car. And using conventional oil in a car that requires synthetic oil is the reason you all are morons. Your air filter in your car will be in there for atleast 5 years and you'll never replace it. Your cabin filter that filters the air in your vehicle will never... Read more

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Had a very good experience with the automotive shop. Ronnie was very helpful.

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I called This company to verify that my title was in. i spoke to Title lady on Friday. I told her i would pick them up Saturday. I get there and nobody could find title. I was told to come back today and there phone are not working because I think that location is moving. I will drive back again today. If I don't get my title I will call a attorney that I was in a case on. I also can tell some story about this Company. This company is Big... Read more

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I have no complaints with my vehicle my vehicle is great my complaint is with the whole location on North Freeway in Houston Texas except for one the sales manager other than that I've had problems with every other manager my sales reps to the point where they're hanging up on me they pull money out of my bank account without my permission I've never been late on a payment I've always paid my payment a day early and if I haven't paid it by 9... Read more

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First sold me wrong car and had to bring back that car at 11:00 pm that night to get another car they had for me . never got to drive or check it,just get in and leave.At that time of night I did what they told me.Now car had problems from the rip,I took car back every day to get something fix,now us the 20th day and still having problems. Out of 30 days I miss 5 days not going that due to me being sick.Could never drive but locally not sure I... Read more

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While sitting in their office I witnessed employees posting positive customer reviews online. The sales manager talking *** on the vehicles, charged me for a plate even after I said I was just transferring my plate. Repairs in less than two years include: *Used engine that they refused to disclose how many miles were on it * starter *k-frame *sway bar linkage * catalytic converter * struts * rotors *carier bearing *aarms *wheel bearings *ball... Read more

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