On January 14th we decided to purchase a car from JDByrider on 5600 Sahara Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89146. We gave $600.00 down and we're told that we had to make payment of $200.00 for the next couple of months in order to complete our $1500.00 down payment. We completed the paperwork from with a gentleman named James who is the Finance Manager at this location. Lou Rodophele is part owner and Don Charlebois is partnered with Lou. Our last installment of our down payment was due on March 9th 2012. After working that Friday I assumed we would be able to pay the next day which would be a Saturday. Well, the day got the better of us. We ran errands and had received phone calls from them but knew that we would either get to it that day or in a worst case scenario on Monday morning. At 11:40pm or so on Saturday evening we were running out to get a gallon of milk. We saw our car pulled out from our spot in our condominium complex. My Boyfriend confronted them and they advised us they were there to repossess the car. We we're in disbelief. How could they come get the car after only one day late? We waited it out on Sunday as we could not do anything on that day because the business was closed. On Monday March 11th 2012 after trying to get a hold of the correct person (which in this case was Jerry Slaughter Finance Manager) we were told that we could not pick up the car and that was not an option. I am a 33 year old working class woman who has a 15 year old son and lives in Las Vegas, NV. I went to JDByrider for all the other reasons people have gone there. I have less than perfect credit. My FICO credit score was a 611 when I walked in there 2 months ago and now after trying to build it, I will have a much greater task than what I started with. I will probably have to now file bankruptcy Chapter 7 because the car is obviously a loss cause (they will not work with me). I can get the car back with Chapter 13 but why would I? Why would I want the car back when they obviously interact on a very unfair business level? This post is simply a post that has started because of what I am facing at this time. I work for an agency and I had to call them today and tell them the harsh truth of my story. Thankfully, there are still people in this economy that care and I can finish out the week and she will look for something for me that MAY be accessible to me by public transportation. I can only go day by day at this point but I feel very strongly about the business practices of JDbyrider. This post serves as a word to the wise. Please don"˜t be as naïve as I and my boyfriend were. If you are in a jam of any sort KEEP calling around. If JDByrider is your last option then please understand that after being only one day late, as I was, that your whole entire world can be placed upside down. That is not the feeling of safety and security that you are supposed to have when rebuilding your credit and purchasing a vehicle for yourself and your family's well being.

I have looked at my rights and though JDByrider operates in a grey area of the law, I understand that this will continue if someone doesn't speak up. It is because of hardship that most us can't walk into a REAL dealership, but to be taken advantage of when you're already down is not something that I would not like to see continue. If you have been a victim of JDbyrider and/or CNAC unfairly and unjustly use the e-mail below to contact me as this is a case will require numbers to be heard. I can't do this alone.


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I live in San Antonio Texas and I was having surgery on my mouth and I was out of work for 14 days and BJ byriders CNAC threaten me every single day even though I cannot talk to pick up my car my family has called them and everything but I mean my mouth is stitched up I can't even talk and I'm a single mom of three kids I don't get any government assistance I work temp jobs to maintain and they know that but they still threaten to pick up my car every single day they caught everybody all over the United States that I got on my paperwork to the point that people don't even talk to me anymore I lost family friends and one of my kids because they harass them so much they don't even want to deal with me anymore or help me and I think it's wrong I was in a time of need when I went to them but I didn't know it was going to be like this everyday harassment leave a message at my job it's just a shame for $200 187 for my car and 42 for my damn insurance I have a 2005 Toyota Camry Camry for over $18,000 you told me that not a rip-off


They have harsh scare tactics but the warranty is great.They also will work on anything outside of the warranty and let you make payments on the price.

Im sure you went to jd because nobody else would help you.

That alone should make it your top priority to make payments ontime.Just try hard and soon you will own a car but always make sure to invest into getting things fixed on your vehicle here and there.


This company is Franchise owned.So every dealership has different managers, sales people, etc.

They are rated HIGHLY on BBB, and have a 93% customer service rating! So this means you represent part of the 7% crowd. In the subprime auto market, getting a 24,000 Mile Warranty is actually going above and beyond. Also in my local area the definition of mileage varies from 60k-130k.

However in my Area many BHPH lots have cars with higher down payments, on higher mileage vehicles, and NO warranty (As Is)...

Based on the MILLIONS of vehicles they have sold, I think thier is more to the story than you putting out thier.Good luck in your pursuit of getting better hand in the deck.


Another funny thing about these kind of reports and responses is that if someone disagrees with you they are accused of working for the 'company'.

This is silly, probably NONE of the people telling you that you should consider making your payments on time work for JD Byrider or the finance company. They are just people who pay their bills on time every time. We just don't understand the deadbeat attitude.

to ransom #1393559

My payments are on time and current...

I'm in a domestic violence shelter and they want to take me car because I will not disclose where I'm living...Or working...

my life is in real danger.......

So I make my payments after hours on the phone...

I'd rather drive the car in to a river...

but I need it to go to work.

JD Byrider is worst them owing money to the mob...


You people are threatening lawsuits because you made late payments and they took back they're collateral?Ridiculous.

Just make your payments and none of this happens.

These kinds of companies have to deal with deadbeats all the time and they've heard every excuse in the book.

Whatever the excuse is, it doesn't change the fact that you are not paying back the money on time that you agreed to in a contract you signed.

It's too bad but there are consequences to defaulting on a legal contract.

And NO, I do not work for this company, I don't even know if there is one in my area.I just know I have to pay my bills, the company is not a charity.

to ransom #1394632

Yo but wipe ive made my payments want to explain why they took my car people like you run your mouth and have led silver spoon lives.. Dont bash others especially if you dont know or dont understand peoples situations

to Anonymous #1395050

Yeah just because some people don't max thier credit, or pay thier bills on time, we have silver spoon syndrome..Yeah! It's simple, it's called being a moron with your money, and financial decesions, or...you wouldn't be looking at Sub Prime Auto financing...LoL, like really!

to simpldoneauto #1397667

You people are in a good place with money but some people are just making do ok dose not mean that they are deadbeat at all thing in life happen

to ransom #1395049

The national default rate in subprime is 8%...So, I'm sure they have heard every excuse in the book over a few million sales they have on book.

to simpldoneauto #1410828

Karma is a ***!!! It must be really hard falling over your ego so much. Fountainhead You!!!

to Robodog2 #1411513

"Karma is a ***!"

Karma, you people keep using that word but I don't think it means what you think it does.

Here's one of the laws of Karma you should learn and follow.



– Whenever there is something wrong in my life, there is something wrong in me.

– We mirror what surrounds us – and what surrounds us mirrors us; this is a Universal Truth. – We must take responsibility what is in our life.

All this person is doing is telling you that if you sign a piece of paper saying you'll do a certain thing at a certain time, you're responsible for what happens if you do not.If payment is due at 6:00 and you blow it off, at 6:01, plan for the consequences of your actions and take responsibility for said actions.

to simpldoneauto #1435320

Just wanted to tell you one thing that a lot of the employees at J B Byrider are incompetent I live in Utah and the location I purchased my vehicle has switched employees 40 *due to Ridiculousness takes like charging clients accounts four times in one day losing paperwork not giving correct information and so on. Meanwhile when he's mistakes are made it falls back on the client which is not appropriate. At the end of the day yes they fire the employee replace them with someone else that is just as incompetent and every other week to hire competent people to handle the accounts.

to ransom #1397666

You know what your a *** you act like if you have never had hard times in your life to call people deadbeat is a *** move


Something about this story is NOT true , I was late 4 days on my payment (not that it matters but due to USAA having technically glitches) but my car was not repossessed.You must have been way behind also I never heard of JD wanting 200 per month especially not for a deferred down payment ..

you probably read your contract wrong you most likely where supposed to pay 200 every 2 weeks for that down payment option.Best of luck to you though it sucks not having a reliable car.

to Swerve #1386617

I had a deferred payment of $200 as well. And they threatened to take my car after being late 24 hrs. So i am a witness this fooishness

to Rio #1394635

I too am a witness called them last week cause they called found out my wife diddnt pay the correct ammount then found out they put the car payment towards insurance instead of the payment which it was ment to be for. Called them they were nasty to deal with very disrespectful got sent to a manager everything was supposed to be worked out only to walk out to get something from my car that was no longer parked in my driveway..

to Swerve #1410832

I have heard of it.It was suggested by JD Byryder.

I bought a car from them and gave it back to them 28 days later because of engine and hydrolic issues. 2 days after I took possession of the car the check enginge light came on. I toik it to them after 3 days in the shop, the told me loose wire just ignore it. I took it to a reliable repair shop and paid to have a complete diagnostic run on it.

The car had so many oil leaks they couldn't count them all and the timing chain needed to be replaced. The car fax report which I pulled registered it as a salvage title bought at an auction. I return the car immediately to them. My state has laws about not declaring that a vehicle has a salvage title.

I just went without a car and a year later bought a new car from a dealer. A salvage title car 8 years old for 15k.

But theys hontest folks???Yeah right!!!


I too have gotten a vehicle from JD byrider...The service was crap, you could tell they were just trying to make the sale, but I decided to get a vehicle from them anyway BC no one else would give me a chance :/ I test drove the 4 cars they told me I could choose from....

The first 3 I drove had something wrong with them, I could tell.... Then the last one was the best of the 4 so I went with that.... Mind you, the *** service I went through in the beginning.... I have made my (outrageous) payments on time every 2 weeks for about a year Now, and haven't had an issue other than the heater not working BC of a small coolant leak on the plastic connector.

.. But they haven't hasseled me one time... I make my payments and they collect and that is that... That is what the agreement is for.

There would be no problems if people paid their payments as promised in your signed contract...every car has problems eventually, especially with higher miles.... But they gave me the "car fax" and everything with my jeep, so as much as any of you have been through sounds to me like you think you are purchasing a brand new car from a lot with 0% apr. .. .

that's not the case. I get going through hash times sucks, I too am experiencing the same having to be able to afford my sons eplipsey medication, but you have to be prepared for bad things to happen, its part of life.

Things will get better.Try keeping in touch with your dealership, if you're honest and work with them, sometimes they will try everything they can to help out.

to Anonymous #1386194

I totally agree with you . I actually love my car and when something went wrong they fixed my Malibu. These people are lying they didn't pay or didn't intend on paying so logically JD came and got their car.

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