Willards, Maryland
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I am glad I did some research before purchasing a car for my Fiance.

she fell into an unusual problem, she rearended some ilegal aliens, but of course its "her fault" their vehicle didnt have insurance, nor legal tags, nor a licensed driver. it was in a storm, ilegals didnt give a signal, not running headlights which is required by law in rain, & no working brake lights, & did a panic stop so of course they was rearended. her first wreck in 30+ years of driving.

well she had only liability, so she had to finance whatever she bought, & went car shopping, then found out sorry you cant get a loan, what happened is she went in for surgery, & it was told it was free, well someone tried to charge for something & never contacted her, but it was on her credit as unpaid, from over 1 year ago, so she couldnt get any loan to buy any car. all for a $600 unpaid bill that she wasnt supposed to have. we are working on getting it fixed, but if not for lot financed places I guess she would have lost her job. & she is an independent contractor, so she works for herself & gets her assignments online, but people that dont keep up get replaced.

we only had 3 days with a rental & had to find something very fast. & we did. but from what I read with complaints why we didnt buy one, plus the fact I am a mechanic & body man & we say one in their JDs lot that said something like no accident history & I plainly looked at it & I saw where it had been in a major wreck, but I know what I am looking at.

I am not a kind of person to let them hassle me! I lived too rough a life when I was a lot younger to tolerate anyone ever harrassing me. if the people they harrassed turned & treated JD them like any "real" "biker would" then they might stop their practices. living like I do people know first hand when you talk to me you dont cross me. I dont start anything, but I am more than glad to finish anything anyone starts.

as far as wipers running in the rain, I dont use wipers myself, it comes from 500,000+ miles of motorcycle riding, motorcycles dont have any wipers, & a person gets used to looking through the rain, I usually have to be asked to cut wipers on when I am with anyone as I just drive on without them on I been trying more, but 15+ years of almost refusing to ride in a car, & only for the last 6 years of my life being in automobiles on hiways reguarily, its still hard to get used to any wipers.

so all people that think someone that has bad credit caused it themselves, not so. if not for trying to buy a car we still wouldnt know that her credit was messed up.

what we got was a car worth about $4,500 but paying dealer aprox $5,600 with fees, & finance charge, gave $1200 down & paying the rest for 24 months, & besides needing an alignment, & flushing the radiator, & me hitting a piece of metal in road & getting a flat tire, the vehicle has been great. I checked this vehicle over closely, like I said I once was a mechanic & know cars well, even though I wouldnt hardly drive them. I think this should give her 125,000 miles of service based on normal miles for this vehicle type & engine with a few small maintenance issues that would be considered normal & I will do all repairs.

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This cat's a TOOL! He should go back to school and learn how to spell/write!

I have never seen such horrible English! Oh, and 500,000+ miles riding a bike.... yea rite! By the way a 600.00 bill will not ruin your credit to the point you can't finance a car so what other skeletons are in the closet?

Dude, learn the language and stop bullshitting people. If you were a true "biker" as you stated, you wouldn't be bragging/lying like you did!

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