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When my husband and I needed a bigger vehicle to fit all his medical devices a family recommended this company. After getting the SUV and having it equipped with the needed devices and about a year later my husband suddenly passed away.

I called the financial office of the company and requested to refinance or extend the loan so I could lower the payments. I was denied. Did I mention my husband was a disabled Vietnam Nam Veteran. This Company was so rude and uncaring I couldn’t believe it.

I had the special equipment removed and returned the car to their garage.

This company does not have a heart and is very unwilling to work with unforeseen circumstances. When my husband died I lost 2/3s of my income but I was still willing to buy the car if they would only have worked with me

Product or Service Mentioned: Jd Byrider Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I purchased a vehicle from JD Byrider in 2016 and I went to trade the vehicle a few months ago and was told that the vehicle had a salvaged title and that I couldn't trade it. I ended up taking JD Byrider to court and was given a judgment that they refuse to pay me.

They did agree to take the vehicle back and take it off my credit report. I am searching for anyone that may have paid them by check and has their bank account name and information. I need this in order to get the money they owe me and get another vehicle. I live in Tennessee.

I really appreciate any help anyone can give me with this. Thanks


" I lost 2/3s of my income "And you told them this? What did you expect? This tells anyone that you will struggle to make your notes and keeping bad debt on their books that can cost someone their job."would only have worked with me"Worked with me is the mantra of those who take on too much debt, can't pay and want to constantly alter the terms of their agreements."disabled Vietnam Nam Veteran"P.S.Great use of the vet card but that doesn't work anymore.Once again, no one is going to touch someone who they know will only cause them problems by keeping bad debt in their portfolios that can't be collected.

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