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Hello my name is Nikkita Tracy. I am a consumer who has purchased a vehicle from JD Byrider in Richmond Indiana. My payment was due on Friday, May 7, 2009 and they came to repo my vehicle on May 8, 2009 I am assuming, nothing was said to the sheriffs department that it was picked up and by whom. I feel like CNAC and JD Byrider singled me out because I am human for one and forgot, none of my other payments have been missed, I had a family emergency and forgot to make the payment and remembered it early Sunday and dropped the payment in the box at the CNAC office, which I did not know at the time they had picked up the truck. It is a 2003 Dodge Ram, silver in color. I was not told when I purchased this vehicle they could pick it up at ANY TIME. I did not receive a call, courtesy call is what I would call it, hey you forgot to pay or I am just calling to see why you missed the payment. I forgot I am human. My finance manager is either Hindu, arabian, muslim I am not sure and I feel like I was singled out for this and I am requesting that they pay off the truck, or reimburse me for my pain and suffering for being humiliated, when I have never never ever missed a payment before. Never did I miss a payment and I believe there lending practices need to be looked at also. This is bad for the consumer that needs to have their vehicle and take it like a thief in the night also. I feel that I have been wrongly taken advantage of and I am speaking out, because no one is brave enough to speak out. I feel that I have been wrongly discriminated against because I am white, pay taxes, have a job and do not live on welfare and am extremely outspoken.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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You weren't singled out because of race. They are VERY specific when they say you can NOT miss a payment short of death and they will still come and get your vehicle.

There is NO grace period or even a reminder call. We all went to them for about the same reason.

"Blemished Credit". Life happens...


you sound like you knew what you were in for.. and for the love of all things why did you bring race in it!

i don't understand oh his ancestors didn't get off the same boat/plane as me he must hate me


"It's not personal - it's business!"

I noticed that you focused your comments on the credit/financial aspect of this woman's situation, yet you neglected the opportunity for this "business" to address and remedy the many complaints about substandard inspections, poor service, incompetent staff, insensitivity, and lack of professionalism. That sir is business! It's called good customer service! It's called giving your customers a reason to come back.

It's my prayer that if your financial situation ever changes and you're unable to keep a roof over your family's head, that the bank kicks you all to the curb and tells you that "We're owned by J.D. Byrider! It's not personal-it's business! Now get your a&&, your ugly wife, and your snot-nosed children out of here."


I just visited the JD Byrider office in Muskegon, Michigan and it was pretty obvious to me that their tactics are less than ethical. This is an organization that takes typical advantage of subprime borrowers.

Buyer beware!


:) Some Friendly advice.

You have chosen subprime Auto Financing because:

1. You have no credit -OR-

2. You have bad credit

It is difficult to feel bad for you because you forgot to pay as agreed by your contract.

Now you have to deal with an Auto reposession on your credit report.

It will stay on for 7 years minimum.

Please let this be a positive lesson.

The finance company is only interested in being paid -ON TIME!

Those that pay on time are rewarded with good credit, lower interest rates and lower prices on all goods an services in this country.

Those that are not financialy responsible suffer the consequences.

It's not personal - it's business!

Make the decision to be financially responsible always from here on.

In the future you will be rewarded.

In the meantime- make the best of it.


At least you did not pay the full amount of the actual car cost, owed only some of the finance charges and that was more then the vehicle was worth. Same thing happened here.

One day late, car gone in the morning with no warning. At least knock on my door and let me know you are screwing me before you do it.


They tell you all of this upfront ***.


Their lending practices need to be looked at. Even if you were advised at the beginning of the "procedure", all people have to be treated the same. Some people they let ride, others they do not.


I was advised at the beginning of this procedure and was well aware it could happen if payment was not made on time

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