Lizemores, West Virginia

I told the lady when I made a payment I WOULD NOT tell my family or friends to go to them, my husband got a pile of SHI? She got upset with me, but I really don't care.

JD BYRIDER SUCKS! But at the time he needed something for work.

My dad told us not to go there, boy I wished I listen, at least my sister listened to him, and she didn't get burned like us. I wouldn't buy a dog from them, If you want a good used car go somewhere else, don't go there!

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Wow...that is really unfair to say because you don't know what hapended in a person's life that caused them to have bad credit. The fact that you are even reading these comments tells me a little about were inquiring about JD ByRider yourself.

Get a life and leave other alone. You must be bored and lonely.

Allenton, Michigan, United States #280738

You idiots like them when you cant buy else where! You ruined your credit yourself not them!!!!Quit crying and pay your debt losers!!!!!!

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