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I don't even know where to begin. Lets start about a month ago someone totaled my car by putting sugar water in my gas tank. Since then I have been car shopping like crazy. I do not have very good credit, so I decided to go to JD Byrider on South BLVD, Charlotte NC after seeing about a half a dozen ads on Charlotte's Craiglist; about how they do not go by your credit, and if you have 500 CASH, a drivers license, and a job you can walk away with a car.

So I went in with all of the above and was welcomed quite graciously by a woman names Shelly. She sat me down and I was accompanied by Cassandra Cottone, Brandy Thorne, and her mother Kelly Shirley. She told us all about the understanding of her company, the credit policy, and how her company understands that credit issues happen to everyone and they are all for rebuilding credit and helping someone get back on their feet.

She stated that the only thing that was needed to walk away with a car, was a job, a proof of residency, a good attitude and a want to help yourself in rebuilding your credit. I am an assistant manager at a local Quiznos and I make more than enough money to pay a car payment. So she took all my papers and said everything should be good I will be back shortly. She then told me to wait in the waiting room, and asked Cassandra if she would mind getting put on the loan to show more stability in income. Cassandra said yes, and started the paper work.

As she was filling the paper work out Shelly asked her if she was single, or married. Then proceeded to tell her that our relationship was not seen by law as anything so she must put single. I am ***, and I have been in a relationship with Cassandra for almost 3 years now. The Loan provider came out and thought Cassandra was me. Shelly told me that Cassandra was not me and was like, "Shes the one with the short hair," and pointed over to where I was. He proceeded to come over, and look at Brandy's mom, thinking that was me again. I finally said, "That's me," and walked into the office with the man. I was not in there for more than 5 minutes when he pulled my credit, and told me, "I'm sorry there is NOTHING I can do for you." I walked out and went outside while Brandy, Kelly and Cassandra were talking to Shelly. She went back into the office and came out and told us that the man could not help me because of my attitude.

I did not have an attitude at all, I was completely respectful and friendly. Kelly asked what was the initial reason I got denied, and Shelly said, " her credit, if she hasn't paid her other bills, then what makes us think she will pay us?" Cassandra proceeded to say, "Well you advertise everywhere that you don't check credit, and it doesn't matter how bad your credit is so why can't you help us?" Shelly said, " we don't look at your credit score but we do pull your credit history, and we don't have any advertisements like that." Kelly and Cassandra didn't understand this because one of the first things she said was credit did not matter.

She then told all three of them to get out, that they were badgering her and they had to leave. We told her that was false advertising, and she just proceeded to hold the door open not looking anyone in the eyes. Now I had 500 down, proof of residency, proof of more than enough income, pay stubs, everything she told me I needed. There is only one conclusion, from the way the lender looked at me when he found out I was Susan; to the way Shelly kept changing her story every time when we called her outt, to the ridiculous comment that my relationship was not seen in the eyes of the law. I DID NOT GET A CAR TODAY BECAUSE I AM ***.

I want everyone to know how wrong this is, and how this is completely not fair, and complete bigotry. Please help me share my story. I shouldn't have to hide who I am to be able to better my life. I shouldn't have to worry about losing my job because some Bigot doesn't agree with who I chose to love.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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There are bad people and bigots with hate in their heart that believe they are better than, this happens everywhere. Intolerance is the poison that is killing our society. I am so sorry


JD byrider should not be in business... their are obviously not enough people complaining to make a difference...

Erie, Pennsylvania, United States #1326583

See if your state allows you to file a complaint through your attorney general or contact the Federal Trade Commission. Discrimination is against the law but consider yourself lucky these people are blood suckers.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1325488

I am obviously *** and went in with my girlfriend, whom I introduced as my girlfriend, and they sold me a vehicle with no problem and were very nice. Not saying that you didn't have a different experience, or the people you dealt with may not have been that way, but that wasn't my experience at all. The whole company isn't like that, at least.


Please don't go to them.


JD Byrider is full of ***.

Brunswick, Ohio, United States #1279022

Good Customer Service...I currently finace a vehicle from them ...ive had it a year & 2 months last week 1/25/17 my car broke down I called them they were able to make a appointment for me with in the next day they called & told me it was ready ...They closed at 5 & I had to find a ride Corey from the service station stuck around ...Had to call Corey again bc I couldn't find my debt card... Corey again stuck around & waited till I was able to come & pick up my car...This was the fastest I've ever had for car repairs anywhere not only did the fix what was needed they fixed what they saw to prevent later issues ...Thanks again


Im *** went up there with my gf had a repo thr prior month and drove off that day and only put 350 down.


I agree. They screwed me and wasted my time.Told me they needed one more check stub for proof of employment I showed 2 from my job that I was recently made full time which pays biweekly and I had to wait 3 weeks for my first check, one week in the hole.

I even showed my first paycheck through the temp agency which makes 3, which showed more than 4 months employment. It says a lot when an employer hires a guy after 90 days making more than 13 hour. They didn't see that as a positive thing, yet they want you to make a minimum 1100.00 dollars a month. Plus they said they wanted me to transfer my license to NC.

Which I asked them in the first place if they take out of state Drivers License. I don't have any driving issues, my car broke down, I needed a car that day cause I am borrowing. Wasted my time This is for people who fit there criteria, who will eventually miss payments. They didn't want to help me a hard working great paid family man.

There loss and save on my money! Nick the D**k look like a ***, from the minute I saw him. Same place South Blvd. I was told by co workers this place was bad based on experiences and cars from other states.

I thought this is NC and the advertisement look good.

False! I believe a person name Shelly is who handled the financing on me as well.


Wow. That's terrible, but other than waiting around too long, that's the only problem I ever had with them.

I'm a *** m me and my partner went to that very same JD. Byrider on South Blvd in Charlotte, NC. I had more than enough income and was approved the loan officer went over my monthly budget and showed me how to pay off my vehicle early. I'm sorry you had such a bad outcome.

I purchased my first vehicle in August 09 and since I had no problems with them, I traded the van I purchased in 09 for a smaller car in 2012 at the end of my loan, when they changed to Smart Auto. The process was smooth and my credit is in good standing because of them and me NEVER missing a payment or being late.

My name is Mary Williams and I'm not an employee of JD Byrider. Lol.

to Anonymous Rockingham, North Carolina, United States #1097507

Hello my name is Shelia. I didn't go to the center in Charlotte, I went to Kernersville.

They treated me great. I got my car same day. They gave me 5 free oil changes, 2 year warranty. Because of them they helped restore my credit.

I had a repo on my credit.

The manager let me know they report to the credit Bureau and they do. Not sure what's happening in Charlotte but Kernersville was great!


On Thursday December 26th 2013, I called into the payment center at (404)920-6030 ... where I spoke to 2 of your agents, one named L** and another named R***.

My initial complaint was that when I tried to make a payment online I kept getting an error. I updated the credit card and still kept getting an error.

So I finally called in and that's when I spoke to L*** and R***.

Basically I wanted them to acknowledge that their website was not working and that I did attempt several times to make a payment.

I told L*** that I needed her to at a minimum notate the account and give me credit since the website was faulty.

She said she could NOT give me a credit because I had 6 days to rectify the problem to which I understood but I told her to at least acknowledge that the website was partially to blame.

My saying that must have really thrown her over the edge as she got very defensive and extremely condescending and told me, I should have made my payment 6 days prior and its your own fault.

Again, I tried to explain that I understand and I take responsibility for my payment being late but CNAC is partially to blame (at this point I wasn't even looking for a credit or a discount, just an acknowledgement).

To which she hung up on me.

I felt that was poor customer service so I called back to get their corporate offices' number and thats when I spoke to R***, he started off professional at first but when I tried explaining to him about the website issue he basically, like L*** told me that it was my fault and he has no way of proving that I tried paying online and that CNAC did not owe me anything. I told him I wasn't trying to get anything from CNAC, I have already paid and my account is current - I explained to him that this was the 2nd car I was financing through CNAC and I am launching my complaint to him (R***) since he was customer service to which he said he wasn't customer service he was just the guy taking the money ... and the song and dance started again, its your responsibility to make the payment etc etc.

I will never ever ever again finance a car through them. The worst experience I have ever ever ever had!!!!!

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #738597

You are absolutely right to expect to b treated fairly regardless of your sexual orientation!! There's an old saying that God can take care of people fat better than you can...and it wasnt meant for you to deal with that place...where God closes one door he opens others....i am now dealing with this company and its s headache!

Worst decision I ever made!

Stay in prayer and you will b lead in the right direction! I pray for jdbyrider!


I just want to take the time to thank you for your story. I was contacted by JD Byrider recently and was seriously considering buying a car from them, UNTIL I read the countless complaints.

True I'm in a bind and my credit score is not where I would like it to be, but I refuse to put myself in a worse situation.

I can stand to put up with public transportation for a couple months until I save enough cash to buy a car. Thanks again :-)


wow glad I did a little snooping before going to J.D. byrider I am a *** male with fair to good credit I just happend to see a car on one of there lots that is just what I wanted but I will now look else were and to you I say thanks and to them uck off j.d. byrider


I also feel as though I was discriminated against. Not in the same way but I was also told all I needed was 500.00 and my credit didn't matter.

During the credit interrogation by Credit dept they found out that I was married and that my husband had a decent job. My husband lost his job two years ago and took a large pay cut and we have had major credit problems. After they found out I could get extra money they raised the downpayment to 2000.00 w/ a bogus explaination. When I questioned this bogus explaination they got very short and rude w/ me.

I think they discrimanate against hard working clean cut people and try to scam them out of money.

As for you just remember what comes around goes around and on day that *itch will get hers. God Bless you and ur partner.


My parents had a vehicle through JD Byrider and they never had any problems with their dealership in Tyler, TX. They had a few problems (only after my sister ran over a huge pot hole in the road) but they fixed it.

I am about to get a car from them and I already got the carfax info from the dealer and from carfax themselves and all is the same. Sounds like some of ya'lls dealers are just crapshoots to go to. Each one, though, is operated differently and owned by different people, yet they carry the same dealership name.

Good luck to you all. Oh and Merry Christmas too!!!


call 4107871005 ask for stephanie..she is the one that helped me and she can help u too my email is steelhood@hotmail.com if u have questions


hey i bought my car from them and the ones in maryland are real but the ones in nc are tricks if u come down here i can let u talk to them urself and u would see they would assist u u would drive off in an hr no need to care bout homo or credit at all

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