My fiance and I just moved from Ohio to North Carolina. We've been here about 7 months and our vehicle breaks down.

We've been looking for cars everywhere for about two weeks. My fiancee called JD Byrider from an add they had up on craigslist-"500 down, drive today". We only know a few people here and finally convinced our friends to take the hour trip out the place. We talked to the salesman, gave him all of our info for the app over the phone.

They closed at 8 but stayed for us to get there. We told him that we didn't want to make the trip all the way out there if we weren't going to be able to get a car TODAY. The salesman promised us that we would be able to. We finally get there, there is only the saleman and a finance guy there.

They do more paperwork and he goes to talk to the finance guy. Comes back and says we won't be getting a car today!! Says that since we've only lived in NC for 7 months he would have to call our previous landlords before they could decide on anything. Well, you could've told us that after the hour conversation we just had on the phone describing our situation instead of having our friends drive an hour to pick us up and then another hour back to JD.

The catch---we told our friends they could leave when we got there cause this guy says we're getting in a car today. So, we were stuck with no ride back home! Walked and hour and 45 minutes and had to call a cab. The next day they kept avoiding our calls and never answered our questions.

I'm kinda glad that happened cause who the *** would pay 10 grand for a freakin cavalier or ford focus!!! WOW, these people are a joke!

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when sales people(especially from a secondary finance place) avoids you then that means you are no were near a deal. sucks to be you!


Consider yourself lucky that you didn't get a car from this place - total scam!


they will tell you anything to sell you a car. you dodged a bullet with these f**ks. never ever ever ever buy from them

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