I had a line of credit and was told my APR would be 19.949% which is extremely high. I got into a 2008 Pontiac g6 (which they don't make anymore) The first 30 days of having the car the exhaust blew to pieces. I looked under the car and they had fixed the hole with some kind of tape, then every recall that was made on the car from the dealer went wrong which they don't take full reasonability for even though I paid for it to be under warranty.

You'll notice that when you buy your car they had you a bunch of paper work in a messy pile this is used by all kinds of car sales people as a tactic because they think you won't want to look through the mess they handed you. So after talking to multiple different loan offices and a tax person they have also explained to me that JD and CNAC do not want you to make extra payments because they loose money on interest fees they can charge you. BUT don't try and make "principle only" payments because they do not accept that simply because they compound your interest daily

FOR EXAMPLE I asked to make a principle only payment and I gave them 188.10 and they put 41.00 towards interest because that's the "amount compounded through the week" ALSO was told by 3 or 4 different people at JD that its not benfical to make extra payments.. YES it is you will eventually screw them out of money. Don't let them give you a line of *** Just know that my car was worth 11000 on the lot as it sit before I got it. This is were I got screw

I financed 12912 with a 1400 down payment

12912 at 19.949% was 6000+ in interest

My car with cost me 20gs by the end of my 4 year loan.

Don't by a car from JD BRYRIDER

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