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I purchased a car from them two years ago and recently referred a friend. They put me down as their reference but forgot to put my name on the referral line.

When the salesman called me to verify them, he promised me my referral bonus but it would take a few weeks to process. When my next payment came out of my account three weeks later, they did not give me the credit.

After several phone calls and three different people promising to call back and resolve the issue, I was finally told that because they neglected to put my name on the referral line I would not be receiving my referral bonus. The general manager of the store, Charles Smith, could have made it right if he chose to do so.

Monetary Loss: $175.

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I recently referred and took a customer to JD Byrider in Raleigh NC, who successfully bought a vehicle through them. They put me down as a referral and I was told by the sales agent that I would get my check within a week.

The following week he called me and said they are refusing to give me the referral money because my last vehicle I got through them had been voluntarily turned in and listed as a repossession. He transferred me to the finance manger and she told me that they were not going to give money to anyone who owed them money and that the 150 dollar referral money would be applied to my balance. I told her that when I was told about the referral program that I was never told that if I lost my vehicle or owed them money that I would not be eligible for the referral money. She said, that they never had this to happen before.

That they have never had anyone who lost a car with them to ever refer anyone who could qualify for a car with them. I felt really insulted and humiliated. The loan I had with them has been charged off for 4 years now and they are now saying they are going to apply the referral money to the balance I owe. I told them they gave me the referral money from a previous referral I had sent about a year earlier and she said that they let that slip but that was going to anymore.

I know I lost the car, which was due to unforeseen circumstance that was beyond my control, but I just don't feel good about this.

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