had my 2000 cavalier two years almost three from jdbyrider. motor took a *** and i got a hold of them they said as long as i was under the milage i was still under warrenty.

well it was then they started to *** me around they claimed they called n confirm whether it was fix worthy. i stoped payin then they claimed they repossed the car after two months which they didnt they dont do tows.

i waited seven months of arguing n court dates to still today have a crappy.unreliable car.

theyve replaced two motors, axel, sub frame n other parts with axel, misfire, alignment, and after all they had to repair they then claimed my warrenty was dead.

dont buy a car from any jdbyryder. they have poor mechanics and poor customer service they bind u in shotty contracts n make u pay way more than the car is worth. they only care bout their money..

if people stopped goin to them maybe we the people could put em out of business. thats my wish for new year jdbyryder would take a hie.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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