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My husband and I bought a car from j.d byrider because we didn't have credit. We left the lot and we noticed there was a wobble in the front and we called and they said that they would fix it.

three days later we were going to the store and there was this horrible noise coming from the front passenger wheel so we took it in and they said that they would have to keep it over the weekened, but they didn't want to give us a rental car until we said we were going to call the better buisness bureau. They gave us a ford escort a car that fits four comfortably which didnt work because my husband and i just had twins and we have a three year old in a booster, but they didnt care.

got the car back the following monday and now the engine light is on and they still cant diagnosis it. the car keeps stalling and dying on us, and every time we go to put gas in it takes us 10 minutes to get the car to start and then it continues to stall on us.

and they wont do anything about this they said are warranty didnt cover these problems, problems that they cant diagnose. They are selling lemons and getting away with it, its absurd.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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i respect the fact that they try to help those who need a little help withcredit issues, but once the deal is signed they are the worst. I work for a multi billion dollarcar company and if I ever treated any of my customers in the manner in which they do it would be a very big problem.

They are very nasty after they get your money and the warranty is a joke.

All the things that are wrong are the things that are not covered under their warranty. I would not tell anyone to go there.

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