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My mother bought a 2001 Ford Taurus from JD BYRIDER shortly after moving to arizona to start a new job after years of struggling she had finally a good job with a bright future the car was overpriced and we all knew this but my mother figured with her down payment amount and credit history she had no one else that was even going to consider her.

She has had the car about 10 months now with the warranty on it and decided to come back to colorado for a vacation on her first highway trip in the car she got a lil more than 100 miles out of phoenix and blew the head gasket called JDBYRIDER and they said if she paid to fix it she would be reimbursed for the whole repair bill since she had warranty she did so and returned to Phoenix and went to claim her money and they took one look at the reciept and told her it was a fake reciept she spoke to the supervisor and he told her to give him a few weeks to figure it out in the mean time she had a payment due and decided she couldnt afford it due to the fact she had put out 1500 to fix the car.

Few days later they came to repo the car and they couldnt get to it becuz it was in the garage so they called my mom askin for the payment she explained the situation and that she would make the payment when she got paid for the repair, the guy then told her she would be getting a check next week for $800.00 becuz they were takin her car payment out of the money they owed her, well the car payment was $300 shes gettin $800.00 that adds up to $1100.00 she still got screwed out of $400.00 and now the alternator went out...DONT BUY A CAR FROM THEESE GUYS WORST MISTAKE ANYONE CAN the way we still have the car and have yet to see a check

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They charged me twice what the car is worth,, then want to put broken parts in the car with their so called warranty. then charge you high interest to beat so you pay three times what the car is worth. there has to be a moral issue here.

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