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My husband works for them currently. They force him to work at least 13 hours a day.

The manager even tries to make him stay lonnger because he is paid for appointments set. They changed their structure right when my husband started working for them and no one in the store was able to break even with the draw. They provide extremely minimal leads, if any, each day yet they expect the sales staff to bring in tons of customers. Most offensive is the fact that they do not want to pay their sales staff.

My husband finally went above his draw and was supposed to get a commission check. Instead of paying it at the beginning of the month like everyone else, they only paid him 1/3 of what he was supposed to get and they broke that up into 2 checks. This company is a joke who only cares about making their books look good to go public. they need to be investigated.

Long hours, little pay and their cars are a joke.

They are selling cars for no less than double what they are worth. Total scammers.

Review about: Jd Byrider Sales Manager.

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