I worked at all three corperate stores.When I first started working there I was told to fix the vehicles as if my wife were going to drive them.I thought how could a place that thinks like this have such a bad rep,Well as the years passed and I went from the store I started at to the main store the value of the company switched from customer satisfaction to the bottom line.As usual you start out with a good idea and it get turned around by corperate greed.I went from fixing the autos to fixing what had to be fixed to sell it.The little power struggles in the company just made these issue worse.One of the companies supposed policies is promote within,unless you a technician,no matter how hard you work to go up the ladder you'll always be their peon.I recall times when I've repair vehicles with duct tape,and window caulk.Yes customer cars and this was what I was told to do.When and if you go to buy a car expect 18 to 20+ percent interest and you probably won't know what the total price of this vehicle is till your poised over the final paper with pen in hand.They do NOT replace major components with ANY rebuilt parts they are salvage yard parts.Engines transmission differentials are all replace with JUNKYARD PARTS!!!I know I did it at the main store for over three years.Not a franchise store but the MAIN CORPERATE STORE!Another supposed value is truth and honesty in everything that you say and do.Except when it isn't convenient for the bottom line.And when you think they should just trade you out of the lemon you've got and they give you the supreme run around.Remember this the company president backed his Hummer into a guys truck out at his house and just gave him another truck from the main store inventory.Once you sign the papers,they have you!You have no recoarse,beleave me they've been doing this for years and they have some very smart lawyers and financial advisors on their payroll or in their pocket.

I highly suggest you look for that GOOD CAR anywhere but at J D Byrider!!!!


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Alls i will say is buyer beware.Understand you are or were in a predicament where the only place that would finance you was a buy here/pay here.

They are taking a risk and charge for it. You bought a USED car, no one has a crystal ball to see what is going to happen with it. Buy extended service to protect yourself. And last but definitely not least, READ the contract.

Once you sign you are liable. No questions asked.

No crying about anything.Youre an adult making an adult decision no one to blame but yourself.

to Anonymous #1395055

That is True

to Simplydoneauto #1400373

Go to ***!What if it happened to you?

What would you do?

How would you handle payments for a car for 10 years and still owing money?Be an adult and answer that!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1302052


Lewes, Delaware, United States #1297866

thank you my experience with jd.byrder.was I was getting my car service more than being happy I had a car

Lexington, Kentucky, United States #1227761

What about IS By Ryder in Lexington, Kentucky

to Are they a good car- lot #1395056

Are you still in the market, or No? If so...email me @ cnacoons77@gmail.com

to Are they a good car- lot #1404545

Horrible!!First car had blown head gaskets.

They put me in a second car with a bad engine.

I put 2000 down for a peice of crap!!Runnnnnnn!!!!!!

Lexington, Kentucky, United States #1194104

We have 2 vehicles from there.One being a 2009 Ford Focus and 1 being a 2008 Chevy Uplander.

Since day 1 the uplander has been an issue. They continue to replace wheel bearings every 3-6 months. The focus is a piece of ***. Will die in the middle of traffic, won't shift gears, and then everything on the dash, lights, sensors, gas, mileage and speedometer will STOP working.

One hard shift of the transmission and everything is working again. The JD Byrider in Lexington is a joke. Because we bought the car in Barboursville WV they barely do the work that needs to be fixed. Why should I have to pay out of pocket if both cars have a warranty.

Trust US stay clear from this place. We still owe 40 grand combined on both vehicles, about ready to leave both cars on their lot and just file bankruptcy.... CNAC is no better! You have one account manager who will work with you and is awesome.

Then you get a *** bag like Jennifer and she treats you like *** along with everyone else.

Just a disgusting outfit, had I read ALL the reviews I would have went somewhere else.STAY CLEAR OF THEM.


I bought a vehicle from JD Byrider and the deal that I bought it from closed down now I'm supposed to take my vehicle and an hour away to get it fix I took it to Pep Boys which they told me to Pep Boys charge me $153 and I'm still supposed to be under the warranty from JD Byrider

to Anonymous #1128605

Are you in GA?


Wish I would have read.this before last November!!Paying $19 grand for a $5000 car and like you said , wasn't told until the last page of signing..

Every single employee is terribly rude. How are they still in business??

Oh yeah..you said it...smart liars..I mean lawyers.Yucky.

to Anonymous Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1121485

Bad the car that I got from JB Byrider I had to place the battery is stoprunning head to replace two tires I gotta two headlights now this shifting gears won't workall waters of book would not put it in neutral or reverse locked up on me the trunk broke inside real bad and is broke what more can I say they are to be shot down some one should look into this oil leak real bad had to replace the battery soon as I got it

I have no car now I am in taking care of my husband and he has to go a lot for blood work if you don't come and dance and he's a heart patient

to Anonymous #1395059

So you stated wasn't told, till the last page...But...You still agreed, and signed right? So who you upset with JDB or yourself?

to Simplydoneauto #1400376

Regardless, it is wrong to pay $19K for a $5K car.point.



I hate this place I'm paying 20,000 for a 2007 yes I'm a dummy .I made a fast move way to quickly because I was desperate for transportation the car runs fine .I just hate the customer service and high interest rate .

to Anonymous #1395060

After 18 months, pending you maintain a good payment record, your Auto Credit will go UP, then...You can upgrade or trade out of the vehicle. I used to work in F.I. Hope this helps!


thanks I was about walk into a tarp


I got a car from the mansfield jd byrider.They are a joke.

Didn't even have the car 12 hours and the service engine light came on. They had me bring it back in told me nothing was wrong with it. They unhooked the battery and hooked it back up to rest the computer before doing a diagnostic test. Took it to another mechanic and there was 4 things wrong with it.

Contacted byrider to fix and their response the other mechanic was wrong. Then 4 days after getting the car it broke down at my job site. The starter went out. It cost me $275 to have it towed to them for them to fix it.

They also charged me for the starter. At week 4 of having the car the alternator went out. Was in another state over the weekend and had to be back by Monday for work. I had the alternator fixed.

They wouldn't reimburse me for the cost. Said I should have waited till they were open on that monday. 4 days later the thermostat went out.

Talked to many people with jd byrider telling them how unhappy I was they still kept trying to push another car on me no matter how many times I told them I wasn't interested.Got the car paid off and still 2 years later they still have reported it for my credit rating.


I wish I didn't get my car from there because they are to dam high and they don't want to fix anything on the car I have had my car for almost a year well it will b a year on the 21 of this month and I still owe over 9000

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