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Ok so in 2009 CNAC finance for JD by rider wouldnt work with me after i lost my only income was bout to lose my house and now their garnishing my wages and trying to take my tax refund for a vehicle which they not only took back and didnt tell me it s in repossession so i could chose the option of returning it but also resold it for more and the are trying to get the whole amount of the vehicle thats not worth itI would never ever recommend them to anyone Dont go there is what i would say!!!

Monetary Loss: $13.

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They are doing the same thing to me are they garnish your wages?

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1049398

This makes NO sense.Ha.

First off - You should know if you're in reposession because it's simple logic - Did you make your payment on time? No? BAM - you're in reposession and they're coming for their property. It's not rocket science "BRUH".

haha - The ONLY way they would pursue you for additional monies is if you wrecked the vehicle, full coverage insurance only covered the equity of the vehicle and there was a balance ABOVE the equity (which you agreed to upon signing the contract) for the cost of the vehicle in which you financed. THEN you still owe them more, and if taken to civil court, CAN result in a judgement of wage garnishment.

Simple logic.Lol

to Definite Eatontown, New Jersey, United States #1182147

To tell you the God's honest truth, you are wrong.I took my car back to them.

Using a VIN search, I found they had sold my car to someone who claims they are paying 16,000 for the car, after I had paid them almost 6,000. They have my wages currently being garnished in the amount of 11, 256 dollars total. My car, when all said and done, was supposed to cost me 15,128.

So please, tell me again how they can't come after you?My car was in better condition when I returned it than when I bought it.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #837610

You probably work for JD Byrider trying to scare people. They can't garnish your wages. This is why they charge more than double of what the car is worth on the lot because of high risk.

to Gotcha Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #898942

How do you know they can't garnish?

to Gotcha Ashland, Kentucky, United States #963838

So they can't garnish your wages?

to Gotcha #1001803

They do garnish.. Cuz they have garnished my wages foe 2600 dollars and I only owed 1200...

to Anonymous #1027439

not in pa they can't nice try


Honestly i just let them repo the car. I want to go in the army and i planned on filing bankruptcy neway becuz of previous medical bills. So i let them take it amd i added it to the bankruptcy so by the time i get out the army the bankruptcy will b off my credit and in the mean time i dont have to deal with rotten sales associates from jd byrider.


Those of you giving these people a hard time, show some compassion.Seriously!!!

People have a hard time sometimes and enter into situations that they otherwise would not because of a pressing need, bad credit, and sometimes circumstances beyond their control (like death of a spouse, loss of a residence, etc.)

To those of you struggling, I understand your pain, I am also struggling. They offered me a brand new car if I were to agree to a voluntary repossession on the other car instead of trading in. They say if I trade in, they want about $2,000 down. I am simply doing research and after hearing much of what I have found online I refuse to agree to a voluntary repossession.

I may just have to struggle a little while longer and know that everything may take a long time, but be worth it in the long run. It's hard I know but keep your head up, things will get easier.

And I am not just saying that because I am at a comfortable spot in life, I am saying that because I share the same struggle you are goiung through.We will make it.

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