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I purchased a 2001 PT Cruiser on October 9, 2010 when my current vehicle's engine blew. I went down and looked at a few cars.

The first car they tried to sell me wouldn't even start on the lot. That should have been a huge red flag for me because I was in a desperate situation being that I didn't have a lot of money down and I don't have the best credit rating. They "found" a PT Cruiser in the back for me that just came in. They cleaned it up, did a few things, etc and that is the car I left with.

Within a week of having the vehicle, my breaks nearly went out and my e-brake did not work. I took it back down and waited 6 hours for them to tell me that they didn't have the right e-brake for me but the brakes were good to go. I ended up going back down 3 separate times because they kept ordering the wrong e-brake. About a month later I was sitting at a local convenience store getting gas and I went to start the car and my ignition was locked up, I couldn't even remove my key.

I called the dealership - They got it and here my ignition switch and steering column locked up and had to be replaced entirely. They tried to get money out of me for the tow - which I flat out told them there was no way. They let that slide. Approx 3 weeks later my car began to overheat.

I put antifreeze in thinking maybe it was low which it was because it was constantly leaking. I had it towed back down again. This time the water pump went out. This they also tried to charge me for but again, I refused since I had only had the car for about 2 months at most.

I got the vehicle back (which I missed numerous days of work because of not having a vehicle) I had the vehicle back a for about 2 months and I noticed that I was eating a lot of oil and fast. I checked numerous times for leaks, etc but came up short. I called down to the service dept to speak to the service manager which was Joe at the time. He gave me the run around and always telling me he would give me a call back.

I have made numerous attempts previously to have things repaired but was left hanging from the service department with numerous calls in and no return calls I gave up. The problems I'm facing now are far worse than what I ever imagined. I noticed my clutch starting to go, which I know is normal wear and tear. I was told that I would never pay labor on repairs whether they were covered under warranty or not so I decided to take my car back down to JD Byrider.

I took it in only to find a whole mess of problems. My motor mounts were bad, my valve pan cover gasket was cracked (which explained the oil issue), I had a cracked axle, my water pump was bad again and a flange/clamp was need to correct my loud exhaust. They told me that it would be a few days to correct all of the problems. This took almost 2 weeks.

I was without a vehicle for 4 days. I had to fight to get a loaner, which left me sit at 10:30pm the same day I got it with my 7 year old daughter with me in the freezing cold. I had the car towed back down to them (which the dealership is roughly 45 minutes away from me) I drove down to get another loaner vehicle only to start to pull out and realize there was a flat tire. The general manager Cliff was there and decided to give me a vehicle to use that was for sale, not under their loaner fleet.

Which at that time, he asked me to lie if I were to get pulled over and state that I was only test driving the car. This was about $1600 in repairs, I fought and got it lowered to roughly $700. I left the dealership under the agreement of taking a service loan out with them to get the repairs paid. I was on my way home and my dashboard lights started blinking like crazy, my automatic door locks started locking and unlocking without even being touched.

I also noticed a "rubbing noise" when turning the wheel. I turned around and took it back. One of the mechanics took it for a test drive and claimed that there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with the car and that I was crazy. I left and still had the same issues.

It literally seemed as if I was at a carnival because of the lights going crazy, dinging and locks. Then this past Tuesday December 20th the car broke down yet again at 5:30am. I called a different garage to have them tow it and take a look since I've totally lost all faith in the JD Byrider mechanics. The garage told me that my MAP Sensor was cracked and had broken off completely and something like that just doesn't happen.

He asked if any work was recently done, I told him all the issues I've been having. He then informed me that most likely when the JD Byrider service mechanics replaced the clutch they probably knocked the sensor loose or cracked it. Thats why I have been having so many issues. That bill was $307.43.

I'm already paying $369 a month for this vehicle, paying off a $700+ service loan and just had to pay a separate mechanic $307.43. I've already filed a complaint with the Attorney General and was told there was nothing that they can do because I was 90 delinquent with payments. I faxed over a copy of my payment receipts (Which all have been made on time) showing that they are liars. I was then informed to file civil suit against them which I am in the process of doing.

I would like to inform anyone who is in desperate situation to please reconsider going to this dealership because they will do whatever they can to *** over and take every last dime they can from you. They called me on Friday the 23rd and told me that they are ending my loan and vehicle would be picked up on Monday the 26th.

I don't know how they can do this but they plan on doing it tonight. I've spent almost 2 hours on the phone with them today and they are now trying to "work things out" but in the end it will be to their benefit and no one else.

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I am trying to take this company down. We can do it if we unite together. How they operate is so wrong. I can’t even imagine how they sleep at night. I live in Las Vegas, NV and if anyone has been a victim of JDByrider please contact me at the e-mail address below.

Together we can take these guys down.

Busing It

Your first mistake was going to JDB, next mistake was buying a PT Cruiser. I am a cab driver and one company I worked for replaced all their toyota cabs with pt cruisers.

Biggest mistake ever! AC failed on all the cabs within a few months, and because these cars were so new, parts were very hard to find.

And these were new cars. Good luck with your dealings with jdb

Kersey, Colorado, United States #405912

I care! I just read it because a friend of mine is being taken by this crappy company and the need to be EXPOSED!!

The only way that people will be warned is to hear what happened to others. Thanks for posting!


Does anyone really care enough to read this "mini-novel"?

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