I had a 99 Ford Ranger from JD Byrider,and they signed a contract saying that truck had 40,009 miles,and was owned by one person.I got a Carfax on the truck,nothing matches with what they told me,so therefore Im pressing a lawsuit for auto fraud,and a federal Offense will go along with it.Plus not to mention the truck broke down on me in 2 months.I recommend NO ONE buy a car from them,they will rip you off,they will tickle your ears,and ruin your credit,for one missed day of payments.

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I would like to be on this suit to but I'm in Milwaukee my email aliciabbw75@gmail.com.


I would like to be on this suit to nothing works. The sun roof leaks when it rains and they won't fix it.

Also they said they put a new alternator in and it i s rusty. So it is not new. This car shouldnt be on the road. Gas gage dont work either.

I have to keep putting oil in it. Also. They won't fix it.

Then when do work on it they have your car for weeks. And it leaves you with out a car.


I agree with you...I bought a car from them and they lie about everything


Oh be serious... What did you expect for such an old car?

Pro Tip-People who can afford lawyers DO NOT shop at JD Byrider. They aren't worried about you. Pro Tip2- Only fools leave their personal emails on pages like this.

They are being scraped to create an audience that can be advertised to. This is one of the reasons you're going to start seeing bad credit @#$# advertised to you.


My email garrisonloved@gmail.com we need to file a class action lawsuit!


I purchased a " nightmare" from JDByrder a 2005 dodge neon. This car has been more trouble than not.

6 months later car started smoking..ok took it to service.." Fixed the problem" broken thermometer. Well again few months later ..guess who smoking from under the hood again? 2005 Dodge neon! Once again took it to service department..i meant towed to service department..my bad.

"Service " fixed the problem again! ( not really ) A month later...neon towed back again to JDBYryder service dept. But this time. The problem?

Need a new engine!!! What!! I can go on and on..but everyone knows( or should learn) JDBYRYDER sell lemons for Cadillac prices.

They prey on people with bad credit and not alot of money. They need to be put out of business!!


I can't find a lawyer to take my case.. Please email me dragonfly31@yahoo.com.

my fiance and II signedsigned a contract I'm 2015 and the same day we found out it needed front struts. They would not fix them. We had to pay out of pocket for that. In 2017 it needed a fuel pump.

We had to fight with them to fix that as well. Now it needs a drive shaft along with a ton of other things. We let the car go back. Keep in mind we did make every payment on time.

They are harassing us now. They call everyday. Saying they want money.

By law they have to tell us when the auction is that they are selling the car. They refuse.


I'm sueing to. Please tell me how to go about it....


I'd love to join this lawsuit, they screwed me as well!!!! My email is stephanienichael@gmail.com please let me know if you would like to add!

to Stephanie #1563028

They screwed me as well. Sold me a crap car.


I got a car from them as well, within a WEEK I had a failed transmission! Then 8 months later find out they gave me the wrong title to my car!

I called and was trying to figure out why I got a letter in the mail saying my car was impounded. Then they said “oh you’re the other person” so they switched the title. And they harass me every other week saying I’m insurance expired that day, which isn’t true then they dig deeper and find out I’m correct and it’s not lapsed coverage. They are HORRIBLE.

And I want to do a lawsuit or join a lawsuit. My email is whitneytrinity@gmail.com


How do people join this lawsuit?


Please add me also! I went to pay mine off at tax time and was very misguided on my payoff! Jennblank1984@yahoo.com


Oh wow I just got my Mazda 5 and now the timing belt an water pump seems to be going out it's saueeling I just took it in for service 2 weeks ago they said I needed 02 sensor shut off the engine light and I was there for an inspection it was supposed to be checked for everything and I've had this car for what 3 months now wow I would like to join this lawsuit! Emails plz


I would join this lawsuit as well. They are scammers and something needs to be done! Lindsayray13@gmail.com


Include me they trying to take me to court over a car that keep breaking down... Sho54wil@gmail.com email me


I would like to join the law sute to the car I got off of them need a lot of work and financed for 29000 for a piece of *** that was only worth 4 000


I am suing them too. I got a “loan” through them and paid $400 a month for a 2006 Chevy HHR with 98,000 miles on it.

I got in an accident on Friday the 13th. Car was deemed a loss and am $4,000 upside down and they still call me daily for payments!

They also screwed me over on insurance paid through them (an extra $72/month) not including or even telling you you need liability from an outside insurance agent. Suing their *** Good luck with yours!


I'm learning everything about them and when I finally found out how they treat people I just felt so horrible because I referred people to them.... And all they do u use them and make them pay waaayy to much for a car that's not even worth it. I felt so horrible and wish I could have done something about how they are ruining people lives and using this resource against them.


I didn't know nothing about leasing a car I want to JD byriders to get my first car in 2014 it was a 2003 Nissan Sentra I paid 390 every month when I finally got myself out of that situation I looked at my pay stub and seen I paid 12 Grand for a car that's used and it's only worth 25- $2,900

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