I had a 99 Ford Ranger from JD Byrider,and they signed a contract saying that truck had 40,009 miles,and was owned by one person.I got a Carfax on the truck,nothing matches with what they told me,so therefore Im pressing a lawsuit for auto fraud,and a federal Offense will go along with it.Plus not to mention the truck broke down on me in 2 months.I recommend NO ONE buy a car from them,they will rip you off,they will tickle your ears,and ruin your credit,for one missed day of payments.

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How do we start a class action lawsuit?? This company is so terrible!! Words can't explain..


OMG include me Megan.sellers1986@gmail.com


I would love to see how this turns out and I hope it goes in your favor. I went to voluntarily return my car yesterday because they told me if I did it would get me out of the loan, but when I got there they told me that wasn't the case. They need to pay for screwing so many people over and I pray you're the one that makes that happen.

to Lance #1502589

Why would you or anyone else believe that? The paperwork you signed tells you exactly what will happen if you can't pay and they come to get it or you turn it in.At the end of the day, a court is going to look at the contract you signed.


I'd like to join also kayliannaann@live.com


I purchased a vehicle from JD Byrider in 2016 and I went to trade the vehicle a few months ago and was told that the vehicle had a salvaged title and that I couldn't trade it. I ended up taking JD Byrider to court and was given a judgment that they refuse to pay me.

They did agree to take the vehicle back and take it off my credit report. I am searching for anyone that may have paid them by check and has their bank account name and information. I need this in order to get the money they owe me and get another vehicle. I live in Tennessee.

I really appreciate any help anyone can give me with this. Thanks


Please contact me I would like to join anthonyl.ayala@gmail.com


I went today and filed a complaint... They had my car for 3months and made it worse then what is was...

no one seems to know anything or seems to care to help. It's a shame that they do this to people.


I would like to join Krystalcevans@gmail.com they have legit ruined my life.


I bought a car 2005 chevy impala and after the 30 thousand warrenty was off i have paid more money to my machanic then towards actual car


JD BYRYDER are the biggest crooks in the car selling industry. They sold me a car worth 5k to 6k Kelly Blue book value.

They priced a 08 Malibu they sold me with over 102k miles on it for a price tag of $12,519.00 plus over 6k in interest.

I took the car back after 2 months. Never go to these crooks again!!!!

to Kenny #1454621

Did they hurt your credit?


Please add me as wellstefaniej1224@gmail.com


How Did You Go By Getting The Car Fax


Please add usYour.repllc@gmail.comDejiun.hunter@gmail.com


I was -just aboput to buy a car from there

to love #1453359

Do not buy from jdbyryder or loan from CNAC! They took payments out of my bank account every week from end of dec thru end of jan2018 when agreement was eow and screwed up my whole checking account plus all the fees I ended up paying for my normal auto withdrawals and everyday usage since I didn’t know they were taking out payments not approved for!!!


Ill join because they didnt put a cosigner on my contract when i told them to and i even had her with me!





Omg please include me Tekaraw1987@gmsil.com

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