I had a 99 Ford Ranger from JD Byrider,and they signed a contract saying that truck had 40,009 miles,and was owned by one person.I got a Carfax on the truck,nothing matches with what they told me,so therefore Im pressing a lawsuit for auto fraud,and a federal Offense will go along with it.Plus not to mention the truck broke down on me in 2 months.I recommend NO ONE buy a car from them,they will rip you off,they will tickle your ears,and ruin your credit,for one missed day of payments.


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Me also


The car was worth 5,800

Traded buick.-2,500

Taxed me for.



17,249 Balance due.12,049.08 Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Hey also wanting to sue... please reach out to me at megtrax17@gmail.com!


Need advice with my current situation with them


I got scammed by JD Byrider in CT.They sold me a Chevy Cobalt 05 and within 2 weeks I had to take it back to get worked on, they motor blew about 1 yr into having the car.

The car has completely rotten.

I have had to put my own money and effort, because when I want my car serviced they are always booked and cant get my car fixed, and to top it all off, the location where I purchased my car changed franchise and they lady in the CNAC desk does not answer the phone so I can make my payment, so they re-po my car.I keep , calling and calling and no one answered, not even in the sales department and I still owe 6k in the car.


i also have gotten scammed by Jd byrider in colorado springs.i took my care in back in march 2017 to get breaks fixed and oil leak fixed and also a tune up.

now only after 9 months later i have to get a new break job and my car is still leaking some sort of oil. i do not think they fixed anything just charged me over $400. thats just wrong to do to a single mother with a disabled child.

i am hurt and need to no how to sue these guys.A very pist off customer .


Guys, I'm still a customer and my truck has been through the ringer!Didn't stop oil leak, motor locked up.

Never done the 15 point inspection because I had basically peanut butter in my radiator. Replaced my motor, but destroyed motor mounts. Never replaced tye metal sheet inside firewall, now I can hear motor noise much more and my floorboards are soaked daily.

I could keep going, but I'll stop here.They are crooks and I have pics and documentation of every bit of this.


My vehicle from them caught on fire and they tried to do simple repairs on it, even though it had a serious electrical defect. I am looking to file suit as well.


I would like to join this lawsuit...these people are crooks. I've been dealing with my credit in regards t these fools since 2013..PLEASE CONTACT ME @ kinapooh.kr@gmail.com

to Kina R #1392689

I *** hate them I want to give them they piece of *** car back

to Kina R #1394628

Also contact me jltaylor1970@yahoo.com

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