when i first purchased my van from them i asked if it was newly inspected. the answer was yes..not true at all.

i got pulled over by the police who informed me my inspection was up 5 months after i purchased the van. then after alot of arguing they inspected it..but did not fix the door locks that were bad when i bought the van or the speaker. then charged me 300 dollars for tires?? the wheel bearings are bad i am taking it to another shop.

i wont even take the van there again for a free oil change. and to top it all off--my account w cnac is messed up. people get ur act together--i wouldnt let my dog buy a car from these people.

being a single mother i need the van or trust me i would take it back...this place is a joke. and who knows who really owns this place, noone will tell me when i ask to get a hold of the owner...

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The pricing I have ever had from JD Byrider for any service has been extremely reasonable. You Larry is right, $300 for tires is very good and if you purchased it with a bad speaker and door locks being broken, you purchased it "as is" any used car place will not cover those repairs.


now im just sayin, but if you were worried about the inspection of your vehicle why didnt you look at the sticker? it tells you when the inspection is up in easy to read numbers.

if you got pulled over for no inspection thats your own fault. you cant miss the sticker its right on the windshield


Are you nuts? $300 for tires is not a bad price at all.

I called JDByrider and wheel bearing are under warranty and you are going somewhere else and pay? As far as a bad speaker and auto door locks go, most used dealerships would sell these items "as is". You won't even take a free oil change? The problem is you and your attitude.

Don't complain about being a single mom and hard times when you are turning your back on "FREE" help. You are your own worst enemy.

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