Worked for these guys for a while.The manager was Chad.

He tells the customers "I dont want you to marry the car, just date it for a while" I hated watching chad lie to customers. You are so buried and upsidedown in these cars that not only will you have to keep it for the length of the term....you will have to buy the dam thing a wedding ring. Another big one he would tell people " we rebuild your credit" ***, *** and more ***. A lot more factors go into rebuilding your credit than buying a car and reporting it to the credit bureaus.

If you buy a car from one these places you havnt done your homework, bad place to buy.Mike.

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Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1219537

not a good place to buy


Matt stuchell did a excellent job glad I could get in a vehicle. Thanks a lot.

Morgantown, West Virginia, United States #1096891

we just got our second vehicle from JB Byrider sometimes it takes a few times in the shop but they finely got it fixed we decided to get another on and Matt S from Morgantown was very help to us we want to thank him very much


I would like to respond to Anonymous from Elkins.There is a down payment required on all vehicles, yes.

Not everyone pays $150 a month for 15 months. They do not fix all problems for free unless it's covered by the drive train warranty. All buyers are required to have full insurance coverage due to financing. My payment is $300 a month for a 2008 PT Cruiser which is only worth $2,000.

I still owe close to $13,000 on it and have been paying for a year.That is the reality of JD Byrider and CNAC.

to Anonymous #1210669

That's horrible what happened

Elkins, West Virginia, United States #830192

Dude of you need a car JD Byrider makesyou have cash down anyways so why not call 622-0664 and talk to this buy here pay here about a car they have you put money down and the amount down goes by what car you want the more the car the more the down payment BUT after the down payment everyone pays 150 a month for 15 months and the car is yours best part is you don't even have to carry full coverage insurance on it I've bought ny last 3 cars there and still have them all and they all still run excellent just check stuff out before you buy it if there's problems he does fix them for free if it's already broken before you buy it and he honors his warranties too and fixes whatever's wrong within the however many day warranty you get the warranty length depends on the car and how much you wanna spend but everyone gets a 30 day 2000 mile warranty for fre again the number is 622-0664


One Happy Customer :)


I went into the Clarksburg store sat for an hour waiting didn't mind because people get busy however once I got half way through the thing the salesman walked out and I was waiting for the credit lady to come in to do the budget questions in the time I was waiting for her my mother called and was talking to me and right before we hung up the lady walked in abd all I said was mom I have to go she kept talking ofcorse and I again said mom really I have to get off the phone, we hung up and the lady then told me well that's not a good first impression of someone who's serious about buying a vehicle I replied and said I'm sorry I just didn't want to be Ryde to you by being on the phone and making you wait she then took my info and left the room I waited 5 minutes and the salesman cane back in and said well the lady you just gave your credit info said she won't give you a loan because you were disrespectful to your mother on the phone..REALLY??

What does me talking to my mother have to do with selling me a car? So I called and filed a complaint the customer service rep got a manager and he asked me to please go back to their office and try again. When o went back in she screamed at me and said I filed a false complaint and said I needed to get out of the office that she would make sure I'm never sold a vehicle as ling as she works there! This lady was an *** from the beginning she was snotty and just plain rude to me.

Just because they do credit acceptance for...

That's the last time I went into that place and honestly unless I can confirm that she's no longer there I'll walk to wherever I have to go if my current vehicle breaks down.My name is Brent abd if you have any questions about the experience I had gimme a call 629-5439

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Morgantown, West Virginia, United States #769743

My fiancé and I bought a car an 07 pt cruiser.We pointed out issues upon test drive.

They said they would fix them in 30 days and it was in writing. It took 2 months and 4 trips to shop. Within 30 days we started having more issues. The car cuts out when idling and now it is very cold and car won't start.

We got this car cause we didn't trust the old one to start so she would be safe. Now the old car is only one that will start. It has done nothing but cost more money. And time.

The staff at the store keeps blowing me off and putting all the expense on us. This car is costing over 16 thousand dollars and the old 200 dollar car runs and this one don't. This is crazy. So if u r buying a car don't go to jd byrider in morgantown wv.

They hide stuff in the contract and if they get a car in that's not exactly right that is the car they try to put u in. Even if u tell them it's not what u r looking for.

They talk u into it promising to fix what is wrong in a timely manor.This never happens :cry :x :(

to Trueblood Morgantown, West Virginia, United States #770820

thats what you for going to jd byrider there a bunch of crooks I dont understand why they are still in busissness they buy a car for 3000 dollars and sell it for 15000 after they spit shine it up and give you a buttload of promises

Morgantown, West Virginia, United States #706695

They are truly loosers looking out the windows as you drive up like buzzards waiting for prey they buy the vehicles then double what they pay for them then that do all the repairs and double that and charge the customer the doubled cost and repair charges then charge 25% interest the upper management and owners of these company's are millionaires preying on the single moms , the old people on fixed incomes , the people that have bad credit due to medical bills they are trained to look like they really care but in reality all they care about is your wallet and if they can take your very last dime after you sign the papers they will and could care less if you go hungry or cant feed your children they will repair your car with junkyard parts if what is broken is covered if you want to sink further in the quicksand and get ripped off go buy a car there you'll be sorry read the posts there all true im sure

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