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our van which was financed by cnac at jd byrider was totaled almost 4 weeks ago by someone who ran a stop sign and smashed into it. the insurance company sent them a check for the van on 3/28.

it is now 4/6, and we still have no vehicle, but they had no problem calling to remind us to make our car payment today- we've made two since the accident even though we have no car. my husband and i are getting conflicting stories about whether or not they've even received the check yet. one person told my husband they didn't get it yet, and another one told me they did. the woman my husband talked to said we'd get the vehicle in 1-2 days, another me 2-3 weeks.

the rental car which the insurance company has been paying for is only with us for 4 more days because the insurance company said that should be plenty of time for them to get us another van. oh yeah. don't count on the gap insurance. every time my husband brings up the gap insurance they blow him off and won't give a yes or no answer.

because of them, my husband will possibly lose his job because we don't have another car, then possibly our house, and we will be missing our son's military graduation next week which we've had planned for two months.

i've emailed the state representative, filed a complaint with the consumer protection agency, and am waiting for paperwork from the attorney general's office. don't ever go there!

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I am now having the same kind of issue with them now. What is the outcome of your situation?

to Angela #1389050

Having the EXACT same issue now

Roxboro, North Carolina, United States #1312142

Someone hit my car in the bank parking lot 24 days ago. The repair estimate was 770.00 and I had to pay 500.00.

My part is paid and the car has been fixed but I still have no car because the insurance company that JD Byrider forces down our throat has yet to cut a 270.00 check. I am 2 months ahead in those car notes and that insurance yet they are giving me the run around.

i am on the *** of losing my Job and my private insurance cant pay because in North Carolina if the offending driver can not be identified, the Insurance company cannot approve the claim.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1208865

I am sorry to hear about your van. I am having almost the same issue.

My car has been vandalized and hit by someone. So because the damage was enough to clear for them to pay. They want me to pay out of pocket. I really didn't want to have payments on a car.

But my daughter has autism. And my son has ADHD. So I need the car. I feel cheated on the issue.

What insurance company does that. I never saw this coming. How can you just not help pay for the car to get fixed. Not just that my kids where in the car.

So what if someone got hurt. All the medical bills would be on me also I guess.


More often than not, when you finance a vehicle and it is totaled, the insurance company does not pay off the loan in full. They only pay for the value of the vehicle.

JDB does not sell gap insurance, it was your responsibility to get it from an insurer to cover the remainder of the loan. You still owe CNAC the difference of the loan and the amount the insurance company paid for the vehicle.

It is that way at any car dealership not just JDB. Blame the person who wrecked your vehicle.



I understand. But your Inc companies paid in full your balance!

Now you will need go buy yourself 1 of there vans.

Bad luck for your pass but your still alive and lost your down payment.

You should get your money back on the 2 car payments. Made.


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