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My husband and I went today to Jd byrider to get a family car...not only was the hospitality completely fake but we were showed only one car not suitable for our needs...I am a mother of 2 small children and s little match box car isn't going to work...we sat there for 4 hours and couldn't just leave because our sales Rep had 100.00 he said he 'needed' to show we were serious...after waiting for an hour telling multiple people we had to get home because our baby sitters were furious we finally made it out of there...I watched 2 family's leave without their money or a car because of the long top it all off the car we were showed was shaking and the inside has tears in the upholstery and the bumper was cracked but they wanted 7000.00 for the thing anyway..I could buy a malabu for less than that in cash...and its not even the kind of car we asked for...sufficient to say that we will not be going back again as I would rather walk the 15 miles to get to the grocery store than deal with those *** artists again

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ANY dealer that wanted money up front to make sure i was serious about wanting to buy a car is a dealer i'd stay far-far away from--you probably saved your self a lot of trouble and headaches down the road by walking out--dealers like that are bottom feeders and will rip you a new one given half a chance.

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