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I purchased my 2001 Mercury Sable in October 2007. During the 3+ years I was paying it off, I had trouble with coil springs, heat, and cooling system. Among other things. My $1200, 24 month warranty was useless. My engine light came on several times. Each time I was told it was not covered by the warranty. The coil springs were a factory recall. The real kicker was the cooling system...

There was this strange orange mud in my coolant reservoir, that was there when I bought the car. The first time I had the thermostat replaced by the dealership, nobody mentioned the orange mud. The next time, last year, after the car was paid off, the thermostat again had to be replaced along with the water pump. That mechanic, not affiliated with the dealership, told me that someone at some point put stop-leak in the radiator and it was clogging the system. Not to accuse anyone, but the mechanics at JD Byrider never mentioned the orange mud when they worked on the car. I certainly did not put it in there. Also, my heater core is clogged to the point of not working. No heat or defrost, been without it for almost as long as I have had the car. They wanted to charge me $450 for a heater core. Nice little racket they have there.

About four months before the lease was paid off, I started getting letters from the dealership, trying to get me to trade in the car for a newer, better one. LOL, yeah right! My car is currently worth less than ten percent of what I paid for it. I went into debt to make sure I made the car payments. It is currently sitting in my driveway, no inspection, reg., or insurance. I simply cannot afford to put it on the road. I have to take the bus to work.

One more thing...I don't know if JD Byider still has the promotion where they send you money if you recommend them to someone who buys a car from them. I bought my car on a co-worker's recommendation, and that co-worker never received the 'bonus'.

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