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My son broke his arm, I have no insurance and used some of my car payment money to pay the upfront cost at the orthopedic offices, and made a payment arrangement with the doctor for the other $2500. I made my car payment about 6 days late, but paid it in full,

JD Byrider, thinks that it is completely appropriate to ask me for my sons medical records and/or my bank statements supporting the fact that my car payment had to be a few days late due to a medical emergency.

HIPPA anyone?

what the *** is wrong with these people?

I've given you the car payment and you're still blowing up my phone from your Text Now accounts asking me for bill reciepts. GO AWAY!

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"what the *** is wrong with these people?" What's wrong with these people is it sounds like they were going to let you slide rather than pick up your car. They wanted back up to support it.

Don't forget, when YOU signed that note, you said you would pay on time all the time. There weren't any clauses for emergencies, nothing about empathy or working with you which it sounds like they tried to do. Stop the whining.....

GO... I must work for (insert company).

to Anonymous #1560881

You’re crazy just like them. I wouldn’t be shocked if you work for them. I was thinking of owing to purchase a car from jd but these comments make me think otherwise.

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