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I am very pissed off because JD By rider said over our phone discussion"Come on Down well put u in a vehicle right away your approved even before they even ran a credit check. Here when I got down there the whole way from Lancaster to Reading they decided to sit down with me and my father even with my father as a cosigner, the banker literally argued why i got rid of my last vehicle from them due to mechanical problems and i didn't want to put no more money into it because the engine blew in the car after i had it for like one month and they tried to tell me it was my fault so i gave the car back refusing to pay for a new engine, they repo it, and now there making me suffer thanks to that dam banker women who denied me this time for another vehicle, you would think this was 7 years ago and they would give me another chance but nope they gotta be id-its and other woulds that describe them best, bottom line waste of trip, and they had no right to tell me i use approve when i had to find a ride back from reading, and worrying also about trying to make work, cause i thought i would have a reliable car, thanks a lot JD by rider.

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They are cruel and cold, they dont care about your situations or about any struggles you may have..they want their payments when they want them and if you dont pay it? you go into some mystery book they never go in detail about .i went above my finance manager to complain about how i get treated.To this day i still tell those jerks where to go when they threaten me.i make my payments. yes its late now n then but i have bills other then j.d byrider.


I had the same experience with the Jdby- rider in Reading, Pa. There cruel and cold.

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Girl your better off owning a car then having car payments on Jdbyrider (JUNK CARS!!) Theres good people out there that will work with you, there just rare to come by and besides in this econmy we have the advantage because alot of used cars are marked down in price$! Yay thats the good news for us Jdby rider!!!!!!!!!!!!

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