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I gave my van back.. on my own in 2015, now for what i owe..

or you say i owe, you want to seize my vehicle that i owe nothing on?

Im moving to a class action.. who wants to join me,, i see attorney tuesday afternoon, this seizure of my propery needs to get dropped, or its gonna get ugly real fast and jd will be giving a whole lot of people money

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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"Im moving to a class action"

How is it people who can't spell, can't pay their notes on time have money for a class action lawsuit?

Always with the "who wants to join me" nonsense.

Pay your notes one time! Doesn't matter if it's a high interest loan from the only place in town that will talk to you, the power company or a car dealership.

If you're having trouble, turn off the internet enabled device that allows you to post lame complaints and do not expect anyone to "work with you" or "show compassion" outside your contract.

The people have bills to pay and mouths to feed. They're not giving that up because you can't do right by your signature.

to Anonymous #1440448

Jdbyrider and cnac are nothing more then ripoffs and crooks and needs to shut down and all involved need to be locked up

to Anonymous #1447644

I am with you, live in PA & this place & the people are very evil. Ripped my fiancé off, still not honoring there word or advertising. How do you start a class action suit?

to Sylvia Haefner #1453476

I'm looking to start a class action

to Anonymous #1453474

Pay my what? My bills are paid and you have no right running your mouth. I take it you work for them


Me I’m totally with you took my Jeep in for a starter now need a new engine nothing was wrong with engine before I brought it in this is my second vechile from them first car was concetered a total loss was forced to get another vecihcle since I stilled owed on the car

to Antwon Clemmons 7 #1425949

learn to spell

to ben #1438375

Same. I put more money into repairs then actual payments.

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