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I got a van from JD back in 2010 I returned it in 2012 because I was sick of them trying to embezzle money out of my account, I paid 12,000 for the 2003 ford windstar. they sold my van at an auction after I gave it back.

Now it's March 2018, I never once heard anything from them, My credit report shows i owe nothing. But in January I get a paper taped to my door, Deville Asset Management who took over for JD wanted to seize my Trailblazer & a Motorcycle valued at 12,000. They claim I owe 8,000. Then a court officer comes to my home that I owe no mortgage on, with a value of 142,000, they want to seize my home.

the court officer said they will auction my house off. How can they do this? I hired an attorney. Court is april 2nd.

then If i win. I file suit with another attorney to sue them.

And will file a class action. These people need to be taught a lesson.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jd Byrider Customer Care.

Reason of review: threatning to seize my home when it has nothing to do with you and you sold my contract .

Monetary Loss: $8000.

Preferred solution: drop this seizure against my home, release the lien or Huge Lawsuit. BIGTIME, and it will involve MILLIONS of people.. Attorney is ready.

I didn't like: Ripping me off and harrassing me.

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I hope you have a good attorney. Everything JD Byrider is doing is legal.People just don't seem to understand that when you voluntarily give up a vehicle, that does not absolve you of honoring your contract which was to pay a certain dollar amount for a certain vehicle.

When you break that contract, they resell the vehicle and if they get less than what was still due on your contract, they can and will sue you. EVERY auto loan works this way.If you don't pony up the money, then they can and will place a lien on any assets you have, ie, your house. I have a feeling you were notified way before the lien was placed on your house that JD Byrider thinks you owe them money.

You ignored it because you didn't think they could do anything to you.This is how we learn. Clean up your credit and get financing from someone other than a bottom feeder like JD Byrider.

to Bookcrazy #1464948

i wasnt notified about lien.. never heard anything since 2012...

til 2 months ago.. but a month ago they put a lien on my house so no i didnt know....

and its illegal for the to seize a 145,000 house for an 8,000 debt.. i have a REALLY good attorney


They also were doing that to my account also ! Took out payments every week for 5 weeeks when I started gettin g bounced notices(which I have never had anything bounce in my account ever until they got my account numbers) I cancelled my checking account and are in middle of battling them as I will not give them my account numbers to my accounts .

Please contact me at if anyone knows of any lawsuits against them for harassment , taking money that is not in contract, won’t work with a person on any other payment where i(or person on loan) won’t give out account numbers!!!! Thank you!

to Terijo #1453471

I'm going to court April 2nd hopefully I win.. if I do...

I take everything to credit repair attorney. They will help me sue them....

for harrassment. I have their number 248 450 5929

to Terijo #1464949 ill give u my attorneys number

to Terijo #1464952

248 450 5929. call these guys

to tammy owen #1486036

Do you have to pay your attorney if you don't win? Or upfront fees? Thanks

to Terijo #1486077

" I cancelled my checking account "Translation: They took money out of your account, per your agreement but you couldn't be sure to have cash to cover the payments. Rather than take responsibility, you blame them and close the account thinking you're clear.All the while you still owe the bank who knows what you did and are digging yourself deeper into a hole hoping some frivolous lawsuit will save you.It will not.

Pro Tip- As you have access to the internet, you probably should go online to see if you're being sued. If you moved and don't get the notice, you will lose, they will get a judgement and go wild on you.The nightmare has just begun.

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