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So let's just start out by saying I don't like to be lied to. So this last spring, my man and I got on the internet to check out some car sites.

We came across an car dealership Ad call Elite Auto Connections in Monroeville PA. We decided to go check them out, because like a lot of their customers we were in a desperate situation for a car. We called the phone number on the ad and they wouldn't give us the address until we were actually on our way to see them. Okay strange...

SHOULDVE KNOWN BETTER. So eventually we did call negate us the address and we made our way over. As we arrived at the address destination we noticed no other car lot around other than JD Byrider. So we proceeded to go into JD Byrider.

We come in & sit down & the lady calls us over. As we're going through paperwork, we proceeded to ask her why they lied about who they are. The woman agent just sat there and gave us no answer with a look of "oh well" on her face. Now, this was the moment we shouldve walked out.

SHOULDVE KNOWN BETTER. (O & YES THEY ARE STILL CURRENTLY LYING!!) But once again like a lot of their customers we were very desperate and they knew that. So fast forward. We got there at 5 in the evening.

Here it is quarter till midnight and we're still working this out! We finally get to pick out a car. We stepped outside and learn we have to pick between three cars, even though they had more than 100 cars on their lot! As you can imagine by this time being tired & desperate and having my 2 children with me I was ready to pick out a vehicle and go the *** home!

The vehicle we picked was newest in the selection of three vehicles they gave us, a 2010 Dodge Journey. SHOULDVE KNOWN BETTER! We took the car home, and within the first two weeks the coolant system went! A major engine issue!

I let JD Byrider know about it and they proceeded to tell us to bring the car in. When bringing the car in, I didn't know that it was going to take a week to fix! The inconvenience of not having a vehicle is severe when you have two children! SHOULDVE KNOWN BETTER!

Took the car home in about two months later I was driving on the highway @ 55 MPH, when all of a sudden my tires felt like they were on ice and violently wiggling from side the side. Now mind you, I have my children with me. We come to a safe stop & get the vehicle towed to JD Byrider. They call me back to let me know that it's the transfer case, which is covered by warranty.

(It's funny how I had to pay to tow it, due to something that they should have had fixed before they sold me the car!) This is another major engine issue! Oh by the way when I purchased the car it was night time so I did not see that the whole auxiliary unit was ripped out! Now I know it's not a major engine issue, but nevertheless everybody uses auxilary if they don't have Bluetooth in their car. So let me get this right, the car doesn't have Bluetooth or auxiliary and I am resorted to using my hands while I'm driving!

I don't have money to buy any type of devices so that I can. SHOULDVE KNOWN BETTER! Auxilary/blutooth is really really really fantastically crucial nowadays. But that's peons compared to the major issues.

Fast forward, I was driving this week and my car started smoking and sputtering. Here we go again! I proceeded to call JD Byrider and have the car towed over to them. They let me know that once again it's the transfer case that they didn't fix right the last time.

This time theyre going to give me a "like new" transfer case instead of a used one like last time. "Like New!!!??!!!" This will be the third time that I've been in here for a major engine issue in the past 4 months and you can't even give me a new part!!! Now here I am, a parent with two children, again sitting for a week without my car! They say they're job is to keep you on the road but it's actually the extreme opposite.

Let me break it down for you. What they do is load their lot up with failing vehicles that they tell you they maintain, but they don't. They lie about who they are to get you in there. Let's be real people, JD Byrider lies about who they are because they have horrible customer reviews and if people really knew it was JD Byrider they would not come!!!!

Some pore sucker like us walks in, because NOBODY & I MEAN NOBODY is dealing with JD Byrider unless they have horrible credit. They know that. They sell you a vehicle with multiple "warranty covered" problems. When the vehicle breaks down they tell you it's covered by warranty.

So you keep paying your bill and once that warranty is up you are f*****! What ends up happening is that you can't pay for the car and it's upkeep, once the warranty is done, so hence, you tell them to come get it through frustration or they come get it because you haven't made payments. if they only get 7 or $8,000 out of you, instead of the JD price tag for the car that's fine by them! No problem they just put it right back on their lot and go through the same motions with another poor soul.

Their motive is quantity and not quality! Its amazing to me that they expect the payment to be there or else they will come take your car THAT DAY, but yet I can't get a vehicle that runs! I just paid my car note yesterday but I'm sitting here without a car WTF.....!


Review about: 2010 Dodge Journey Car.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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