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I've bought a car at Jd Byrider was told it holds its value which was wrong and have problems with the car engine light keeps coming on oil light right after oil change moral of the story it's not worth it go to kelly blue book before agreeing to the terms and have a mechanic check it before buy it I learned the hard way I financed 14,000 and at the end of payments it's going to cost me 23,000 smh car book value is 3,000 and it has 130,000 miles... Read more

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Got car from day two problems had for almost year. In shop evey other month month n transmission. N motor went out still under warranty. They dont want to fix it wth now i have been without car for three weeks no calls from them iam dusabled n have life threating condition n my husbands been walking to work for two weeks but were still paying n they never call us back they dont want to fix car n say if they did it will be another four or more... Read more

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I bought a car from the Berwyn location, missed one payment in a year, due to a medical issue, when i explain the situation and provide documentation, they act like they could care less. Alot of nasty calls, rude people. Considering they had to replace a new engine in my car within 3 months of me buying it! Nasty women Angie in Berwyn location! She should not be dealing with people at all.

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JD Byrider sold me a lemon stopped working after two months I refused to pay for the car the new owner is a *** bag his name is Jeff McKay and called merrillville police on me and won't give me my money back or the car.... Motor went out... Beware they will scam you out of money and you won't get it back.....

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My name is Sherelle Murray and I purchased a car from jd byrider in June of 2014. I put $400 down on a 2007 or cruiser. The car NEVER gave me an issue.!- I loved my car to death.!- but the people there are so rude.!- I would call to pay my note which was bi weekly then I went monthly and switched back to bi weekly.!- I would call and one lady would be rude as ***.!- I would work with Kirk and he was really rude some times.!- I would constantly... Read more

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I bought a Cavalier fromthe Appleton store years ago, couldn't have been happier. Kids grow up, needed a bigger car. Went to the new Green Bay store bought a 09 Caliber. Shortly after bought a 2 nd Caliber from them, because I liked the car, and my daughter will be driving soon. The 2nd Caliber was in garage 3 times in less than a month and half for transmission problems. After the 3rd time, they bought it back. I got an 05 Ford Freestyle. Low... Read more

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When you miss a payment they call you over and over. It feels like they are harassing you. When you do explain your situation they act like they dont care. Also they take money out of your bank account without telling you and when they take out money tge next time and there isnt any tn your bank account they accuse you for not paying enough attention to it. Which is bs on my account bc all i use my money for is bills and diapers. Read more

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Engine died do to oil leaking , always changed the oil every 3,000 miles jd byrider did the oil change. Engine died from no oil in the car . zorina reed pissed consumer... # 414388-5939

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I VERY recently purchased an 05 Trailblazer from the JD Byrider in Joliet Il. I told the salesperson that I was specifically interested in only a 4-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicle as the snow get pretty bad and my small town takes awhile to get it plowed up. The salesperson directed me to this vehicle and I agreed to purchase it. I wont even get too deep into the fact that the paint and interior are junk for the insane price I'm paying for this... Read more

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I recently purchased a car from jd Byrider i told them I only had 500,they said no problem my sister lent me 1000 for down payment on a 2010 pt cruiser they said they wanted another 1000 i was going to pay it but the transmission started acting up and service engine light came on took the car back and said since I missed a payment they took the car my wife is disabled and needs a walker to get around James said it was not his problem Read more

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