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First off jd byrider cust are the dumbest I have ever seen in my life. They don't take care of there car. They think doing the oil change is the only thing that needs to be done to there car. And using conventional oil in a car that requires synthetic oil is the reason you all are morons. Your air filter in your car will be in there for atleast 5 years and you'll never replace it. Your cabin filter that filters the air in your vehicle will never... Read more

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I bought a 2007 Ford Tarus (big mistake) in July 2015. A month later the tensioner pulley went bad and the AC started leaking. They wanted $450.00 dollars to fix it. im paying $17000.00 for this car. Yes its my fault I have bad credit but *** what happen to your warrenty and you pit at least $2000.00 in each car you say. After raising *** you fixed it. Now its 5 months later and the rear brake line breaks and you want to charge me $132.00 to fix... Read more

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Justgot my cae four months ago trainy sliping in first geer steering wheel makes a noise and a tierod or ball joints bad took it ovet to west broad stree they didnt do nothing said it was nothing erog it stull slips in trainy and makes a nouse like wheel bairing or balljoints are bad ni good deal and car payment is outrages for the year it is never agin will i deal with them and im going to get a attorny on this Read more

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i just turned 18 and wanted to buy a descent car but had no credit so i went to them and got approved to get a 2006 Chevy cobalt and i payed around $16,000 for it with interest someone ran me off the road and totaled my car and sadly they didnt stop so i had to eat it with my insurance and my insurance said it was only worth $5,000 6 months later and jd didnt offer gap insurance so i had to eat that other $8,000 i owed on it, they are a f*cking... Read more

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I purchased a car from this so called car lot and financed $12,939.00 on 10/2012, it's now Feb 2013 and they claim the ten day pay off is $13,000. Tell me that they aren't ripping people off. The pay off is more than the financed amount and there has been no late payments or anything. When asked about the situation the lady was caught in lies on two occasions, then she started back peddling. I advise everyone to stay away from this very... Read more

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I just recently filed chapter 7. I got my house foreclosed on and got my car repoed. I dont have a job and get goverment support of 800 dollars a month. I am behind on my child support for my five children and just dont have the money to pay for it. I needed a new set of wheels so I could live in my car because i didnt have a house anymore. I went to JD Byrider and they sold me a Mini van because it best suited my needs. I am hoping to get... Read more

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i went in two the hamilton rd store. was wanting two do buisness with j.d by rider. Now take in mind i have a truck two trade in CLEAN NO RUST PERIOD. it is a 1997 dodge loaded garage kept the freakin tires on my truck are worth $500.00 alone and al these peaple would offer me on a trade is $500.00 two $800.00. i really dont know if they thought they was deallying with a crack head or what but iam not as stuppid as they think. pluss i told them... Read more

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I just received my car Sept 2011. Paid $1000 plus a vehicle. In December I was in ICU and was 3 days late on a payment. When I called they wouldnt accept my payment. My mother called and received the same result. Ever since CNAC and JD Byrider Parkersburg WV has harassed me, and all my friends. They even went as far as to call my neighbor and tell them they were taking criminal charges out on me as well as her and she has nothing to do with... Read more

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I bought my piece of well lets say "junk" from JD Byrider a little over 4 yrs ago.. Thank God I have 1 payment left and they will be out of my life for good.. I will never ever buy from them again and never ever recommend them to anyone, Cnac is a joke of a finance company. I was 6 months away from having my car paid off & was off work for 1 month due to illness but could they let me slide just a little.. NO they could not.. Its soo not worth... Read more

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I went in, after going in a couple times to look at cars, with the notion that I would be able to get a car even though I have a repo on my record. after test driving a few cars and even looking at cars that I wasn't all pleased with. that they said I could get with my credit that they had pulled on me and I filled out paperwork. They told me that they had all these awesome odreals with auto shops and they weren't very far from my house and the... Read more

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