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I was doing some homework to follow up on a interview that i had with JD today where i was approved for a vehicle and to pick it up in the morning, i was to bring the title to my current blazer as a trade in and also bring in the $500 down payment, and then test drive 3 vehicles they will pick out to fit my needs, and then magically i would be off and driving in my new excellent working JD car.. well i came to the conclusion that although i desperately need a car for work i am not going to JD tomorrow to pick up mine as i was suppose to do, i am to afraid of being ripped off with a bad vehicle,(my current one is on its last leg but why replace a bad vehicle with another bad vehicle and also a payment) i am only left with bad credit because of an emergency surgery with having no insurance and i am so afraid of losing my down payment and also losing my job due to the vehicle breaking down, so as of now my current vehicle is on its last leg but i guess i will have to try to make it work until i can save enough to buy a car outright from a reputable dealer and not from one with so many bad complaints, thank you to all who have took the time to comment on this site and save me the hassle of being ripped off by this place,you should be proud of yourself for saving someone much heartache , i have children and work as a visiting nurse and spend a lot of time volunteering helping others which all makes a reliable vehicle a must and very important, so you really did a good thing and i truly thank you...,,

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please leave this site, no amount of positive jd stories are going to change someones mind when they read tons of jd bullshyt reports and how jd sells lemons.

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If you have bad credit, you cant complain about places that over charge. At least they are will to get you a car unlike most dealers.


First off yes medical bills gone to collection will destroy your credit score. If you think otherwise you should learn about FICO and Beacon Credit Scoring.

Second, JD sells cars that are worth less then 30 percent of total amount financed, and they do not provide a warranty that is of any value. I have never seen anyone who did a JD deal improve thier credit score under the JD program.

Look at the total amount you have to pay for the vehicle before you sign anything.


As much as I hate JD Byrider, I have to call bull *** on your story. Poor medical credit does not appear on your standard credit report as negative.

Its a law in all 50 states that medical bills can not effect your credit rating. So you have bad credit because you are like most low-middle class Americans, you got in over your head and now you have a poor number holding you back.

I get it. I'm in the same boat with student loans and an economy that see's my $40,000 piece of paper as useless.


I limped my totaled car into there lot... they sold me a beautiful Pontiac bonneville with no money down... and a warranty that can not be beat so if you can swing a payment its not a bad gig



What you don not realize is that JD Byrider sell more used cars like this than anyone in the country. OF course it will seem like they have more complaints than your local dealer who only sells a few cars a month.

Plus JD will do whatever they can to keep you happy, so you will not complain on a site like this. Do you think the small Mom and Pop dealer cares at all?

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