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I am so pissed at Maxs, Mike and the office manager of the auto repair shop, I has an appointment on November 2,2011. They had me at the shop for 7 or more hours.They have mass up my motor they pick in the wrong side spark plug and mass up my motor. I ask them to check my engine because the car was driving rough and the car was still linking oil, plus I ask them to check the spark plug because it keep coming out of of the spot it belong in. They temp fix the link, the office manager say I needed a engine because who ever put the wrong side spark plug in my car mass up your engine. Well the the repair manager run this by the CNAC manager and he said no. I say to him you sold me this car after you packs up the engine problem and now you want me to pay for a new engine when you should had not sold me this car anyway. They have me riding around with bad ball joint. They say they put new shocks on my car they did not replace them. Byrider have been repair my car since I got it and they have not being doing the repair that they said they repair. So, they have me in the waiting room for sever or more hours and all they did was the oli change the care was reday at 2pm anf the office manager made me stay another one hour and half for him to do the paper work. They are very anfair and rule to thier customer and it nothing we can do about it, they are selling cars with bad engins anfd ball joint.

November 02, 2011

I arrived at J.D. Byrider on November 02, 2011 around 8:45 the traffic was very bad this morning, Max said to me I know traffic was bad for all of us he say we all just go to work our self. When I walk into the office nobody say good morning to me. I was standing in front of the car repair manager and Max was sitting in their chair working on other project on their computer. I was in front of the Manger of auto repair he looks at me and asks Max to help me because he was busy doing paper work on the computer. Max me what was wrong with my car I statement that I was scar to drown my car every since the manager of the auto repair told me to that we told the CNAC manager that I needed a new motor and that what he request, the statement I have been in this business for 31 years and I know what I am talking about, you will losing oil from your motor. He stated that you will have to add oil everyday of once a week you have to keep an eye on your oil getting low. The auto manager stated that somebody put a spark plug in your car that too big he show it to me it look to be 12 inc. When the manager of the auto repair told me that I need a motor Max, Mike was in the office also. When the manager of the auto repair shows me the sparks Mike, and Max was in the office too. Mike stated who ever put that spark plug in your car mess up you motor. Keep in mind I first got the same spark plug that they is talking about in Jan 15,2011 and J.D. Byrider id the repair, Steven name is on the repair sheet dated Jan 15, 2011. I said you all repair my car you all was the one that put the spark plug in my car, Mike stated no we did not, Mike stated we would not put that side spark in a truck, I stated but you did I only take my car for repair to Byrider . Mike still stated they did not put the spark plug in my car. I brought proof on November 02, 2011, that show J.D. Byrider put that spark plug in my car. This is to get you an idea how long this been going on ready every since I had the car, when I had warrant I ask them was anything wrong with my motor they stated no. Just to give you a clear idea on how Byrider is getting over on people by selling them cars that is not suitable to the public.

Getting back to this morning Nov 02, 2011, I told Max I need the oil leek check and the spark plug check because the car is burning so much oil. I stated and give me an oil change, the repair manager stated we don't know how long it will be , Max stated but we have to work her in, I stated but I have an appointment and the repair manager is the one that made the appointment for Nov 2, 2011, Max stated you do , the office manager stated he may do I don't have time to look it up. Like I say I got that at 8:45 and id not leave until 3:45 and all they did was gave me an oil change They was through with my car at 2:00pm, so around 3:00pm I went into the office and ask what was I waiting on? What going on with the car, the repair manager oh I think it though I just got to finish up the paper work on this desk, he make me wait another 45 minute. I was their a total of seven hours and all they did was the oil change, he make me wait 30 mintue while he go into the computer and change my car repair request, he change the time to 30 minute and I stay in the waiting room seven hours and not once did Max or the office manager come out to explain what was going on with my car.

I look under my car and all I could see is oil where it be linking all the across from left to right. The repair manager stated that how some car do link after they get their oil change. Right after they did the oil change last month my car broke down that how I found out my motor is going bad and it J.D. Byrider fault. J.D. Byrider auto repair mess up my motor and want me to pay for the repair this is not right or fair to me. This mean for the past three years I have been taking my car to J.D. Byrider, they knew my motor was going bad and they never told me from day one. This is the fifth time may be more then five time that I have brought my car in for same reason oil link. They always lead me to believe that my car was in good condition. I remember I brought car in before I took my grand boys on a spring trip. They had me to take that trip and my ball barrow, when they know what was going in my wheels both of them in the front and back. I and my grand's boy could had a bad incident we went to Florida and Daytona beach, they assure me my car was in good condition, the office manager was Max at the time. I am taking this matter futher I ahve taken my car to them for the same problem and they still keep patching up the engine.

This is a law sue.

Monetary Loss: $18.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #778084

Never knew you had to be perfect just to stick up for yourself...hmmm :grin


Please people, quit being rude to everyone. It is apparent that you have diminutive taste for individuals with complications whether they are financially, medically, and/or more.

His grammar is dreadful on numerous instances. I am a retired English teacher.

I know from firsthand experience with both young students and adult students that when anyone becomes distraught, distressed, or offended they type erratically and make countless errors. Just as I have done so myself on many instances.


Get a life first of all, I was once told if you do not have something good to say then say nothing at all. Your comment show your age, because a grow-up would understand what I was trying to say.

You miss the point , the point is JD Byrider mess my motor up, meaning damage my motor by replace my spark plug, with a spark plug that was too large for my car. Sometime it is best to understand what a person is going through before you give a comment. Have you ever heard of comma, it mean what go around will come around.

You need to pay attention to what I am saying it could happen to you, and when it do happen to you I want you to remember the remarks you made to me. The only thing I did wrong was not proof read what I wrote before sending my comments.


learn to type correct english.what the *** is mass up my motor.

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