Purchased a car, after two months it broke down, JDbyrider program fell to fix the car, it cost $800 in repairs just to get the car moving again, then the car would not pass inspection so I could not get my new car tag 8 months after buying the car. It took another $1200 dollars on top on my by-weekly payments to get the car to pass inspection.

I have met 4 or 5 other people who states their cars needed repair, but the warranty only last 30 days and then the cars break down. The business should be investigated to see if they are selling water logged vehicles, or fixing the vehicle with temporary fixes. Oh don't give relative names they will call them if you are 1 day late and tell your relatives you are 1 day late on your car payment, all twelve references of them the same day and they will call your job and anyone that answers the phone they will tell them your car payment is late and they need to speak to you.

This should be investigated also.

Monetary Loss: $9.

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Samantha, you may want to check the West Virginia lemon law.


My dad was porking me in the back of his car, when a spring came up through the seat and hooked on to his ***. Daddy was unaware, and thinking it was my fingernails (I was squeezing his love oysters), he proceeded with a long upstroke and ripped his bag wide open.

I put his torn *** back together with duct tape, careful not to overlap the seam.

The car dealer said that daddy's *** wasn't covered by the warranty. However, if it had involved his taint meat area, the warranty would cover 50%.

Any advice?

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