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i had purchased a car from jd *** ryder on arizona ave. i paid $5,000 worth of payments. my payment was one payment behind and while i was away on a business meeting in a company car ny car which was parked at my office was towed.jd byrider wasnt supposed to be on private property and they snuck their way to tow my car without even going into my work and notifyng me.i came back back 730pm with no tranportation home in the middle of no where.i was locked out of my apt for a whole weekend because my key was in my car as well as my childrens clothes.when i went to pick up my belongings they were very rude.and they had takedn some items out of my vehicle.CNAC is a bunch of thieves!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $5.

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If miss a payment the take your. They tell that straight up at the closing.

So how does that make them thiefs


like the car that I purchased. the only problem is that my contract was sold to a finance company without my knowledge or even being giving a heads up on what was coming down the pike. :grin


I have bought cars from JDB and so have several of my friends. We have no problems because we pay on time.

If you can;t pay call them and they will help. Blow them off and your car get towed away. This is not rocket science.

But then again losers always blames other for their problems.

I bet you messed up credit isn't your fault either... right?


I would like to say I have bought about 3 0r 4 vans from J D BYrider and havent had trouble out of one that they didnt fix. As a customer you need to take time and inspect or have the car inspected befor u purchase it. Good Luck to all who has had trouble.

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