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I am a former employee who knows firsthand that the service work done to the vehicles before the sale and the work done under their service agreement is extremely poor. They get engines from junkyards and other used parts to bandaid the vehicle rather than fixing it right the first time.

There are franchises nationwide that are individually operated but I worked at a company owned dealership and these methods were encouraged from senior management, not the employees at the dealership itself.

The finance company is also very strict in their collection policies. One day late and they are sending a repossession unit out for the vehicle. They will ask you to pawn personal items to make a car payment. They do this after setting customers up with extremely high payments and very tight budgets.

If you have to purchase a vehicle from them due to your credit, please take the time to have the vehicle inspected by a 3rd party mechanic, get all promises in writing, and go to them at the end of the month, if possible, since they will do whatever it takes to hit their sales goals, even reducing price substantially!

Monetary Loss: $12.

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1049696

There was a time when I was short on my payment cause I had to pay my gas bill and had to purchase food,I was told to make arrangement on my gas bill and I could go to a food pantry and get food. I was like wow. I was only short twenty dollars

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1049695

I purchased a car had to put in their shop, they said it was fixed,drove the car the, the next day I start having the same problem,had to take it back to their shop just to find out they used parts off another car that wasn't any they had to purchase new parts,had to redo the car all over instead of doing it right the first time.


j.d.byrider does lie about their cars and anyone who says that they don't are liars themselves.These cars have things wrong with them time after time,one after another,and these people claim to fix 1 problem,and your car comes back with another.WOW,the prices,oh Ithought I purchased a brand new car which had never been driven before,SUPRISE!!!,the jokes on you!!!!!!


They do lie about their cars at j.d.byrider and overcharge,every time you put your car in their shop for repair after you first purchase it something else is wrong the next few days,and vtalk about over charging for these pieces of *** cars,WOW you would think you had just purchased a brand new car that had never been driven before.


I have been working as a sales associate at Overland Park for almost 4 years. In that time I have sold alot of vehicles, helped people rebuild their credit, protect their cars with a 2 year warranty and have made a lot of friends.

My response to these people who complain is OF COURSE cars have problems. There has NEVER been a car made that has not broken down. Do we charge more than the KBB price??? Yes.

KBB does not include a 2 year warranty, taxes and a credit rebuilding program. If you find yourself in the "secondary finance market" I challenge you to find a better program or dealership.

Please see me direct. As I stated I am Richard at JD Byrider!!


I can tell you at the store I work at we do everything that is needed to pass the inpspection why is it that only jf byrider customers believe used cars dont break ever and that we can tell the future that something will break a week after you bought it


I 100% believe this guy, they are the worst dealership in NC and I would never recommend anyone to them. They did the exact same thing to my car when I took it in for my brakes, they were sqeaking and I took it to service they told me they were fine, took it back about a week later to get and oil change and ask them to recheck my brakes because they were still squeaking, and the mechanic this time told me they were terrible and needed to be changed, so they lied to me the first time and tried to make me pay for the brakes, i told them NO because I came here a week ago for the brakes and they told me they were fine so Im not paying for nothing, and they fixed them and told me to pay the money when I could, which I never did.

Also, in 2008 I was going down 85S at about 55MPH when my hood all of a sudden came up and bashed my windshield in out of no where, come to find out the latch for the hood was no good, mind you JD byrider was the only company that had worked on my car ever since I bought it(8/2007), until that day. I never let JD Byrider work on my vehicle again!

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