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ok first off they sell us a car that was in their shop about 5 or 6 times in the first 30days would pick it up get it about 10 miles away and the light would come back on then we call and ask for pay off on it they said 5,800 but they said we only owe 5,600 but would go up if we paid it off in march then they told use that the 1000 we put down wasnt taken off the price of the car so we called the colubus office and they say what was suppose to be a 3 and half year loan would be for 4 years now because the lima place never turned in we was making any payments for 6 months but we check our creiit every month and the payments show from when we got the car back in july of 2008 so no they r a big rip off trying to take advantge of people i am getting a hold of my attornry monday morning and i will they get suied for what they r doing to popele its not right i think everyone should try calling one and put a big class law suit on them

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Please call attorney office I called and if enough people call then a class act law suit can be filed we was never late not even by. A day and they still did it to us and my friend and all the trouble with the cars please call them and let me know how it goes because id love to be part of it I have so much stuff they said they did that I have prof they didn't. I will tell you they have a dealership in wauseon,ohio that can help you get a loan even with bad credit and they are such great people to work with name is dons and they even paid off our truck rom jd goodluck


I am also in a CNAC loan. I am due to be paid off at the beginning of August.

I spoke to them just this week and they informed me that my loan maturity date is now April of 2013. Something has to be done to stop this predatory lending. My CNAC office is in Kalamazoo, MI. I have had 5 account reps.

They tried to tell me because I called my payment in on Monday rather than Friday then it basically extended my loan by a month. Then the account rep proceded to tell me that anytime you have a loan and make a late payment it extends the maturity date of your simple interest loan.


I just found out also that my loan turned into 4 years and I have paid 15k on a 13k contract!!! To top it all off, they are telling me that I still owe 800.00!!!! I am going to write the states attorneys office and getting a lawyer!!!!

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