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I bought a car from JD By Rider in Feb. 2008

I originally drove off the lot in a Chevy Malibu, as soon I drove off the engine light came on. I took it back told them the problem they fixed 2 days later. the next morning the car did not start, I took it back and demanded something else.

Now I have an Oldsmobile alero, i have had over 10 problems. gas leak, ignition switch, bad break caliber,and security system, and others. I would never ever go back to them. the payments are too much and they bug you constantly about your payment. when i lost my job they threatened to take my car, I had to wait on unemployment to come. they came to my house and called everyone on my reference list. they are not good business people, but I would have never expected to have so many problems with a car. My sales person told me that its a used car it will have problems, thats bull i bought a used car before and never had that problem.

They are gonna rip you off in two ways:

1. you have a car with no problems , but the payment is over 350. bi weekly. the cars are not worth what they are selling it for. interest rate is well over 20%, that's where most of the money goes.

2. the gonna put you in car with constant problems. Instead of being at work you will be spending half the day waiting to get it fixed.

The car comes with a warranty but only for certain things. There is always a wait to get it fixed, they don't do loaners or tow trucks.

I have heard numerous stories from customers who've had major problems. The people I've talked to are not happy.

who ever reads this please think twice. no matter what kind of credit you have, you should be able to get a quality product. They should not be able to rip you off!!!

The only thing great that has come out of this is I have a great credit history and I am know in a 2009 Nissan Altima. I pay less than I did at JD. I was upside down on the vehicle but i don't care. not my problem anymore.

Monetary Loss: $18000.

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