i dont reccomend that anyone ever go to jd byrider or finance through cnac. they dont listen to what thier customers needs are.they choose to embarass and humilate people.

they like to lie and swindle people out their hard earned money!!!!!!!!!!! not to mention you pay way to much in interest. i would like to tell them to *uck off. i hope that soon this company will go out of buisness or stop cheating good hard working people out of their money.

kiss my white behind cnac and jb byrider!!!!!! i want to stop people from wasting their time and energy with these worthless companies

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I do agree with this consumer. They come to your home to harass for a few dollars.

But not think about the junk yard autos they sell to the poor who can not afford a bank loan. THEY are rude and very unprofessional. THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU BUY FROM JD BYRIDER AND THEIR FINANCE COMPANY CNAC. BEWARE IF YOU ARE A DAY LATE ON YOUR.




j.d.byrider is some *** offs,they take advantage of people trying to get cars who cannot get a car with bad credit,whatever the situation may be,not all people who have bad credit are at fault!!!these people at j.d.byrider are just no good and all should go to the deepest part of ***!!!!!


I had a truck i was financing with a location in Atlanta, I had the truck for 2 years never been late ever, my dad died in a car wreck this week and I flew home. I missed my flight back and got back a day after my pament was due, they said they are going to repo my car no exceptions, never been late or missed a payment in the two years of making payments, what does that tell you about JD Byrider.

Rapu-Rapu, Albay, Philippines #188329

Well I have a car from them & although I appreciate them helping me out in a time of need but the car is *** & well I can't do a trade in because the car is so old & they're charging me the price of a brand new one, RIDICULOUS! Also they may have cheap oil change prices but it's targeted towards those without jobs or that don't work a normal one. UGH :upset


I am guessing you didnt have insurance, shame they want to protect assets like that. Which one held a gun to your head when you signed the paperwork that showed the price, interest rate?

No wonder you are in a bad situation. They helped me, I paid the payments and had insurance and never once had a problem


If you have bad credit, these are the type of finance companies that will help you. Beggars can't be choosers.

Smart thing to do is save up $$ and buy a clean older Honda, Toyota, or Hyundai from a private party.

A Mazda 626 is also a good reliable choice, available inexpensively. These cars will run 200,000 miles if taken care of.

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