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i live in Indiana and a bought a car from j.d. by-rider and it keep cutting off and my, i have a hard time stating it, it overheats all the time and the engine knocks. the car has been back to them for repairs more than i have had the car.

i am spending to much money on a car that don't run for a week straight. i have taken it back for repairs it has been towed form my job for repair and i am still going through the same problems. they want you to continue to pay them to repair something that they are not fixing. this is ridiculous. i don't have money to throw away.

i talked to the boss and he keep telling me we are going to try our best to fix it but we don't know whats wrong. i can't get a rental car until they fix it and they want give me a different car. do not get a car from J.D. By riders

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