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preface: *** all the smart as people who leave nasty comment about the victims that post on this site, " you should not have poor credit or pay your bills and you wont have to shop with buy here pay heres" This not JUST about JD but about not being lied to and taken advantage of by the powers that be. I bought a car from JD two years ago.

A pontiac transport. I have had the transmission replaced 2 times and the motor one time they paid for it. Now my warrenty is up by 2 months and the trans. died again.

Now i am expected to pay over 1k. to have it fix. There is a problem with the work or the parts if you have to change a transmission EVERY YEAR . I also have 2 older car with over 200k miles that have never had to have such major repairs.

You expect things to go wrong, but this is bogus. My father had car issue but he never changed a transmission, I cant think of 1 person that has had to change a trans and a motor within 2 years. I always thought if you changed a motor and a trans. you just about had a near new car.

My answer from JD was " you got 40k miles out of that trans. " So that leads me to believe youR cars are only good for about 40k miles. Not to mention the amount i have had to pay in rental cars and lost time from work. Did i go in there expecting to get a car i could drive all my life and pass on to my kids, no.

But I did expect the car to last a resonable amount of time. I asked the devil, excuss me, service mgr. can you think of three people you know, that did not get a car from JD, that has had to have a motor and trans. replaced on a car more then once.

He did not answer. If it was the 1st trans. I would not have an issue.

I was unhappy with the 2nd one, pissed when the motor died, and discumbobulated with the thought of having to pay for somthing they have not gotten right the 1st two times. TWO YEARS - TWO TRANSMISSIONS - ONE MOTOR REPLACED

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Cleveland, Missouri, United States #21351

I know exactly how you feel... :( ....I got my 2000 sonata on august 5th 2005.

I like yourself have had 2 transmissions replaced....the first one luckily was still under warranty.... the 2nd not so lucky..... I realize there will be problems with used cars but changing out a tranny every 20000 miles is ridiculous... ammco did it the first time....ha ha ha ha soo they say......

i think byryder and ammco kind of work hand in hand.... they really suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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