I purchshed my 2000 sonota on august 8 2005. I remember a conversation I had with the salesman if I made all payments on time...then cnac would pay off the last $2000.00 dollars....

now I am almost to that point..I have read every sheet in the folder that was provided....and did not find anything about that agreement??? is there anyone out there with this same situation???

I am confused...I have made all of my payments on time and spoke with a cnac rep and they have noooo idea what i am talking about....is there any hope?????

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Sorry Hon but you just got screwed. Always read everything before signing anything.

If you dont have time to read it, bring it home with you. If they dont let you, then dont do business with them. An honest salesperson will always point things out or go through the agreement with you and give you time to read it and be comfortable with what you are signing. If this was really offered, you should have had them point this out IN THE AGREEMENT YOU WERE SIGNING.

Best you could do is talk to an attorney. In my opinion you just lost out, its your word against theirs or the sales person.

Honokaa, Hawaii, United States #23301

sounds like the salesman was just telling you something that is not true. usually the cnac finance will trade you out at approx $3000 bal or below from your contract if you want to trade that vehicle in on something else i would ck about that. :) :)

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