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I went to JD Byrider in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on May 29,2013 to discuss possibly trading in my current vehicle for a newer one, but was repeatedly insulted by the manager. This individual told me that I am unable to get an upgrade on a vehicle because I still owe a substantial amount which for some reason doesn't seem to be decreasing with my payment.

I started out with a balance of 10,500 with a down payment of 1,000.00 in March of 2012, but as of May, 29, 2013 I still owe 8,000.00. I have never missed a payment, but my amount doesn't seem to decrease.

The manager yelled in my face, threatened to garnish my wages, threatened to hunt me down if I decided to voluntarily give the car back, and continued to argue with me in front of another employee who thought it was funny and a couple of customers. The manager followed me to my car continuing to yell at me and make threats.

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JD Byrider is the most unprofessional,people I have ever delt with,they turned me in to credit bureau and totally screwed my credit when I gave them back the vehicle.I was verbily abused lied to and then screwed. I went to them because they were close and conveinant location and I liked the looks of a vehicle I had seen on the lot .Big Mistake to try and deal with those people..!

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