I received a call from Sharon at the Grand Rapids location (J.D. Byrider).

She asked me when I would be able to come in on Monday to make a payment and I told her I wasnt sure. She got an attitude with me.

After Sharon rudely hung up on me I called back and told her that I didn't appreciate the way she spoke to me on the phone and that she was very rude.

She spoke over me did NOT apologize for her rudeness. This is extremely poor customer service and unacceptable to treat customers as such.

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Larry you defend jd every chance you get. But you customer service people have no right to be rude EVER period.

Sharon didn't personally loan this person any money the company she works for did. JD needs to be more professional.

She's just a collector and her rudeness shows what a crappy company jd is! O


Bet you are sweet as pie whenever someone that owes you money gives you the excuse "I'm not sure." Walk a mile in her shoes.

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