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we had a truck that the water pump went out so we called and they came and picked me and the truck up and gave me a loaner well 2 days later i walk out and the van was gone so i called i was thinking some body stole the van well they have it i was like why and all what they can say we dont knw well so i went up there and lets just say they try saying we took out the gps and we didnt and then they tried saying the exhaust was off witch it was but we check bf we did it and they said it was fine and now they will not give our truck back

Monetary Loss: $13.

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Jd byrider is always taking advantage of customers!!


That's *** up I was gonna go get car from them but I'm scared to now considering all the BAD reviews


and i will tell everyone don't buy one from Tuscaloosa AL. they don't knw the Alabama laws or there own contracts


i don't care what u say u probably work for them right!!!!!!! i cant wait me and my husband set down and read all the paper work and yes they are in the wrong so we are going to have a lawyer look over it and then we are going on from there so u can take ur comments and go some where else with them ok


It's hard to take you seriously when you have the grammar of a first grader. You should go back to first grade and learn something.

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