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1st of all I would like to thank you for the opportunity to buy the Mustang. I was in need of transportation and you supplied it. That being said my unhappiness begins when I m approximately $2500 (6 months left on payments) left. Never missed a payment...Never took my stang into the shop even though it needed to(found cheaper outside mechanics)...It was a lemon but oh well that was my choice for failing to look deeper but back to what I am trying to say here. I went to trade my car in..Wanted an AWD...picked 1 out...did the paperwork...then I am told because I have no down payment I could not have the car I wanted but one of there choice would be exceptable to them(your going to tell me what I am going to buy...I DONT THINK SO) The Mustang had NO DOWNPAYMENT EITHER...COST OF CAR 11,999$...The AWD 14000$... I am told I am a VIP and would get 1000$ off price...cost of AWD now 13000$...

What is a VIP status supposed to mean....apparently not what it used to. You do not tell a consumer what they are going to buy and definitely don't change the way you market/finance your product. After reading several complaints on this company it now does not surprise me...but what does surprise me is there have been no issues resolved which means in truth you could not care less about thhe consumer or what they have to say which is a shame. I wont be back and if I hear of anyone thinking about going there I will definitely advise them otherwise. My credit may not be all that good but I am loyal and make my payments on time. That is good business not this bunch of molarcky you showed me Friday

Signed a very unhappy owner of a LEMON

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Read complaint.

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