The cars are a rip off, period.They sold me a piece of junk that I have had nothing but problems with.

The 3/36000 mile warranty covers very few items. My A/C went out less than a month after I purchased the car and it is not covered under warranty at all. I would not buy a car from them nor recommend them to anyone.

The upsell to you while they are trying to make a sale to you tip toeing around questions and honestly feeding you a line of bull. If you ask them a hard question they try to act like they did not hear you and change the subject.

I would suggest if you livce in this area go to Best or Car-Mart stay away from JD Byrider.

I only wish I would have found this page sooner.


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Rogers, Arkansas, United States #969363

Unfortunately I would have to disagree with your post.I have had a vehicle for several months, and as with any used vehicle, I have had a few issues.

The service department has been a great help, and they have done everything they have said they would and more!The warranty they offer is the best in the area and the employees genuinely care.

to Anonymous #1109723

I bought a car from there and they clearly told me heating and cooling isn't covered under warranty so u probably didn't pay attention

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