Concord, Virginia

I was a good paying owner on my car and one day as i was picking up my child i was rearened by another car the car was speeding an responsible for the accident i was taking out of work and i could not pay the payment for a car that was now totaled an i could not be cause i was out of wrk i explained an i was told that i signed a contracted an i was responsible for the remaining balance i do not think that its fair because i wasnt in faught i think they need to sue the person that hit me because it wasnt my faught

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you can sue the persons insurance company that hit your car for the pay it you can get pain and a lawyer


youre bebt is an obligation you made to the loan company how come the guy that rear ended you insurance company didnt pay of the loan you must have owed more than car was worth thats a common mistake always do kelly blue book b4 buying and if not how come they didnt get you a rental car? i think theres more in this pond than the fish are telling

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