I went today 9/5/08 to see what I could find that was easy on gas, I found one that caught my eye and when the salesman came out to talk to me I asked him if he could unlock the car so I could check it out. I was told point blank that the only way that I could check out any of the cars was I had to purchase it first.

What I want to know is how can a company be allowed to stay in business treating customers this way, I was set to trade in my '01 Ford truck today but this "nipped in the bud" I would not buy a car from J.D.

Byrider now even if they offered to pay me to do it.

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Well this is all factually untrue. You have to see what cars you get approved for, first. You don't have to purchase the car before driving it, that's absolutely ridiculous. And illegal.

Why would they let you test drive a bunch of cars before you've proven you're even able to purchase them?

Walk on to a Ferrari dealership and ask to drive a F430 and see what they say.

Yeah, exactly.


I kno what you mean, i wen to get a car form them and before i could even get to the door of the car the man came outside and told me that i had to fill out financial paper work...

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