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Horrible horrible run!!! I was referred by someone not knowing of their program.

The start of problems is they waited til end of deal and after i already tradein my vehicle to say its 20% apr. Very high. They claim they have this 20-30 point check system. That is untrue.

Ive had problems from day one with the car. Chris (owner) and his so called certified service workers. I say unqualified. Kept saying their was nothing wrong with the car.

They finally took it to a transmission shop after several trips back and forth their and rime from work inconveniencing my family totally and finally had the *** fixed that they claim was nothing wrong. In the mean time chris provides a loaner. The loaner car cuts off three times before i made it home. Chris gave the option to take the car back bc i had so many problems with them.

So as we went through with canceling my contract. I decided to show some grace under the condition that they would fix the issues with the car. I get the car back and the car is still slowly accelerating like it was doing before they worked on the transmission issue. 1 of 2 major issue was fixed.

This is the short version. He promises to win back my satisfaction and is yet to do it. Very bad service. Russell who sold me the car is a completely hussle.

I made him aware of problem beforehand. This company lacks everything it takes to be successful : from the top with the owner on down to the other workers: bad service pkg, bad customer service, of course no checkpoint system which is what i was trying to get them to see. If their was. I would not be dealing with all the issues bc it wouldve been fixed before i got the car.

Chris even changed the agreement he made with me even after all the issues so much so i had to include a third party. I also told them on friday i would make payment monday (u'd think with all the mess i put up with them ,they would be a little understanding)but without informing me from friday talk their was a squad following me at night on sunday and jumped out like a raid task drug force when i went to by a soda. Wowwwww! Called Chris 419-509-1843 and i was very upset.

He hung up in me.

By far the most humiliating, disrespecting worst car company i have ever encountered in all my years on the earth. This company, chris and workers here is a disgrace to humanity

Review about: Car.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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