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This is the worst company ever. I make my payments in the location biweekly on time.

My payments or due on friday and i had a baby on thursday. I called from a friends phone in the hospital and informed them i couldnt get into the office until monday the CNAC representative told me to have someone come and get the car from the hospital and park it until i could come up there and make a payment. then they went to my home and left a note on my door and charged me 75.00 for the note. Then they kept my friends number who is not on the references form and continute to call and text her every two weeks the day before my payment is due.

they do not take credit or debit and the ignorant receptionist tried 7 times to set up automatic withdrawal unsuccessfully.

I want to put my car through the dealership window there customer service is so bad even for customers who always pay on time. And to top it off once the warranty expired not one single power window in my car works repair is 175.00 per window and it takes 2-3 weeks to get a service appointment

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Take it from me. Stop your payments NOW before you end up being scammed and out of more mney than you already are now.

I live in Chicago and am a single working mother of a toddler. Sole bread winner and provider. I'm young. Started off here not due to bad credit but NO credit and NO cosigner but was in dyer NEED of a vehivle to get back and forth from day care and work.

STOP your payment. Tell them it doesn't fit your budget (no crappy overpriced care from them does), do yur researvhe, regardless of your situation you CAN and WILL get financed just be patient ANY place is better than JD Byrider I can assure you. Again, STOP your payements. Tell them your are having trouble afford the payments, they will redue your budget and give you the run around.

Let them play their little game of picking up the car because you "defaulted" on your contract/loan. When you go in, the option of voluntary release will come up as it did in my case, SIGN IT!. They are full of *** so unfortunately you will NOT be getting your down payment back. Just chalk it up as a lost (easier said than done, I know) but in the long run and when your pisstivity level goes down, you'll see.

YOU got the better end of a crappy deal to begin with. Signing the voluntary release ends the contract. Ends payment and releases you from any money you or now JD BYRIDER owes and lost to their own bull *** bank CNAC. And it is not a repossession on your credit report.

It just is like a cancelled auto loan. (nothing) I am writing this due to my experience as of 10/20/2012 to presetn day 10/26/2012. Signing that paper will release you financially and stressfully from their b.s.

You will be out of a car but out of a contract and no repossession so in essence you will win and they lost because now their out of money a profit the car has new wear and tear that they by law have to report since youre another person added to the list of drivers which continues to drive the price at auctions down for them and potentially a threat becuase like me, you can do all you can report to bbb ftc and via web to people about your experience to keep them from buying there. You'll be out of a down payment but also out of a crappy overpriced cheap car, extremely high interest rates, unethical practices and people, and just all out BULL ***



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